'Worst time of my life': Dakota Johnson jokingly talks about her guest role on 'The Office' finale

    Dakota Johnson amusingly reminisced with Seth Meyers on Late Night about their appearances in the series finale of The Office.

    Dakota Johnson (Source: X)

    Dakota Johnson (Source: X)

    Dakota Johnson and Seth Meyers jokingly recalled their cameo appearances on the series finale of The Office during an episode of Late Night. Airing on NBC in May 2013, Johnson portrayed a new accountant named Dakota, while Meyers was featured on a fictional version of Weekend Update from Saturday Night Live. As a devoted fan of The Office, Johnson eagerly seized the opportunity to guest star in the show's final episode.

    Behind the Scenes

    Dakota Johnson humorously remarked, "That was honestly the worst time of my life." She explained that she was asked to be in the series finale, expecting a brief half-day appearance, but ended up spending two weeks on set and had minimal screen time.

    When Meyers inquired if it was emotional being on the set for the final episode, Johnson responded that there were peculiar dynamics that had persisted for the last 10 years of the show. She recounted feeling enthusiastic about being there but discovered that some individuals didn't interact with each other. Johnson found herself excited to contribute, yet ended up feeling isolated, spending much of her time in the background, faxing documents.

    The Office (Source: NBC)

    Johnson and Meyers were not the most prominent guest stars in The Office series finale. The episode featured the return of beloved cast members like Steve Carrell, B. J. Novak, and Mindy Kaling. Additionally, guest stars included Rachael Harris, Joan Cusack, and Ed Begley Jr.

    Bryan Cranston Sparks 'The Office' Movie Speculation

    Bryan Cranston, who directed the Season 9 episode Work Bus, recently gained attention for approaching cast members Jenna Fischer (Pam) and Angela Kinsey (Angela) about the possibility of a movie adaptation of The Office years after the finale. 

    Fischer expressed her willingness to participate in a film version of The Office on the condition that Greg Daniels is involved, stating, “because [then] I would trust it. You know? As long as Greg is writing it and he’s in charge of it, then I say yes.” At the beginning of 2024, fans of The Office received big news as it was disclosed that showrunner Greg Daniels had initiated a development room to formally commence planning for a reboot.

    Dakota Johnson (Source: Maxblizz)

    Dakota Johnson appeared on the show to promote her upcoming movie Madame Web, where she portrays Cassandra Webb, a clairvoyant who utilizes her powers to rescue a group of young women played by Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, and Celeste O’Connor, from a sinister figure resembling Spider-Man named Ezekiel Simms.

    Madame Web is set to swing into theaters on Feb. 14, 2024.