All you need to know about Euphoria season 3

    Discover everything you need to know about Euphoria season 3.

    Euphoria Cast (Source: X)

    Euphoria Cast (Source: X)

    HBO's acclaimed series Euphoria is making its highly anticipated return for season 3. As the second season concluded in 2022, lead character Rue Bennett, portrayed by Zendaya, continued to grapple with her struggles with drug addiction. However, Zendaya remains hopeful that season 3 will bring a sense of happiness and joy after the tumultuous events of the previous season.

    While fans eagerly await the third season of Euphoria, which was renewed in February 2022, they'll have to exercise patience as new episodes won't be released until at least 2025. In the meantime, here's everything we know about what's to come in Euphoria season 3.

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    Rue's Journey in Season 2

    Following a challenging detox process, Rue embarks on an apology tour, seeking reconciliation with her sponsor, Ali, as well as her friends Lexi Howard and Elliot. Additionally, viewers witnessed a brief yet significant silent interaction between Rue and Jules Vaughn in the auditorium, sparking hope for the future of their relationship.

    In the final episode of Euphoria, the most devastating moment unfolds during a fatal gunfight between the police and Fezco's adopted brother, Ashtray. As Fez prepares to attend Lexi's play, he learns that the police have turned his friend Custer and are about to storm their location. In a rash move, Ashtray stabs Custer, triggering chaos. Despite Fez's attempts to intervene, the police raid ends in Ash's tragic death.

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    Rumored Setting for Season 3

    Creator Sam Levinson and HBO have not yet released details about season 3 of Euphoria. However, according to the show's costume designer, Heidi Bivens, there are rumors that season 3 will be set approximately five years in the future, with all the characters having graduated from high school.

    Key Cast Members Returning for Season 3

    Fans can anticipate the return of the main cast for season 3, including Zendaya as Rue, Hunter Schafer as Jules Vaughn, and Dominic Fike as Elliot. Additionally, Eric Dane, who portrays Cal Jacobs, is expected to have an increased presence in the upcoming season.

    Maude Apatow will reprise her role as Lexi in season 3, although the fate of her character's love interest remains uncertain. Fans can expect more drama involving Cassie, as Sydney Sweeney confirmed in a March 2024 interview with MTV's Josh Horowitz that she was preparing to return to the Euphoria set. Despite feeling "too old" to portray a high school character, Jacob Elordi has expressed his commitment to another season.

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    Maude Apatow disclosed to Vogue in February 2023 that filming for season 3 of Euphoria was initially slated to begin in the latter half of 2023. However, due to the WGA strike, production was delayed. On November 2, HBO announced during a presentation that Euphoria season 3 is set to commence production in 2024, with the series scheduled to premiere in 2025.