'Boss ignored you is mistreatment?' International fans find NewJeans' parents claim against Bang Si Hyuk funny

    Bang Si Hyuk was accused of "exploiting" and "mistreating" NewJeans in an email.

    Bang Si Hyuk and NewJeans

    Bang Si Hyuk and NewJeans

    The HYBE vs. CEO of ADOR, Min Hee Jin, is only getting bigger. While HYBE is remaining silent to present direct evidence to the court, Min Hee Jin has called a press conference and even said that the parents of her group NewJeans support her. 

    An email issued to HYBE on behalf of the parents of the NewJeans members by ADOR was made public by Ilgan Sports on May 13. The business was accused of "exploiting" and "mistreating" NewJeans in the email. According to the report, Bang Si Hyuk purposely "ignored" the greetings from the NewJeans members.

    "Whenever the NewJeans members encountered Bang Si Hyuk in the company building, we wondered why Bang Si Hyuk would pretend not to recognize the members and turn a blind eye to their greetings. At first, we didn't believe our children, thinking, 'Oh, he probably just didn't recognize you then', so we attempted to verify this. However, since this issue has happened several times, with different dates and locations, even when it was just Bang Si Hyuk and the members, we believe there is no other possibility except recognizing that they are, in fact, NewJeans," the parents stated.

    The parents of NewJeans members believed that accepting their children's greetings was only common courtesy. When they found out about this supposed abuse, they felt ashamed.

    "Even if you don't recognize the NewJeans members, it’s just basic manners to accept someone’s greetings when they say hello first. Is that so difficult? As parents, we were embarrassed and had nothing to say about this childish situation after hearing that it wasn’t just once or twice where they were deliberately avoided, but examples such as they were embarrassed that they were being ignored so they just stood in the elevator with blank expressions or noticing that he was pretending to not see them. They are just middle and high schoolers," they added.

    Although Bang Si Hyuk is being called childish by Korean fans, this is hilarious to foreign followers. Many believed that it was just an ordinary occurrence for their supervisor to ignore them, something that most people deal with daily.

    Understanding the context is crucial here. In many Western countries, it's generally acceptable to overlook a greeting without causing much concern. However, in Korea, bowing is the customary way to greet someone, signalling respect. 

    Failing to bow could be seen as highly impolite. There's an expectation for younger individuals to bow to their elders, while seniors typically acknowledge juniors either verbally or with a less pronounced bow in return.