BTS V - 'Idol of Idols' for a reason! K-pop stars who say Kim Taehyung is their role model

    BTS' Kim Taehyung aka V has inspired not just fans but also many idols and trainees as well.

    <p>BTS Kim Taehyung with Park Jihoon and Beomgyu</p>

    BTS Kim Taehyung with Park Jihoon and Beomgyu

    From his dancing and soothing, relaxing voice to his exceptional acting skills, BTS' V has captured the attention of everyone. Whether it's his witty thinking, his adorable expressions, or even just staring into the lens — making it feel like he is looking into one's soul — his immense talent has inspired not just fans but also many idols and trainees.

    Known as the 'Idol of Idols,' Kim Taehyung has had a significant influence on many idols within the realm of K-pop. Here are some who consider him their role model.


    The singer-songwriter and producer from the group TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), Choi Beom-gyu belongs to the same agency as V and BTS. He has on numerous occasions expressed his affection for his sunbaes (senior), particularly Taehyung, in public. He describes V as his greatest influence in an interview with W Korea, adding that V would offer him valuable guidance as a trainee.

    Park Jihoon:

    The former Wanna One group member and now a K-drama actor, Park Jihoon, has shown his admiration for V in a very public way. He has been a fan of V since his trainee days, noting that V's passion on stage inspired him to become an idol.


    Part of the group The Boyz, Kim Younghoon, is known to be a huge fan of V even calling him his role model. In the past, he had dedicated a video letter to him. The two have since gotten close, with Taehyung even gifting Younghoon a BT21 Tata plushie. Younghoon has stated that he brings the plushie everywhere with him since his favourite sunbae gave it to him.

    Choi Byungchan:

    As a member of VICTON, Byungchan expressed his admiration for BTS' V in a video where he mentioned that his group had taken a photo with BTS. He couldn't contain his excitement about Taehyung, praising his amazing voice and even expressing his love for him.

    Yeosang and Mingi:

    The duo from ATEEZ have expressed their admiration for V. Yeosang spoke fondly of Taehyung, admiring his gestures, talent, and facial expressions, considering them the best. He aspires to emulate those qualities in the future.

    Meanwhile, Mingi, ATEEZ's main dancer, credited BTS's V as his inspiration to dance. Mingi revealed that V served as his motivation to pursue dance.