BTS' V makes history with 'FRI(END)S' - A look at Kim Taehyung's hits on global iTunes charts

    V's track has connected with listeners worldwide, from Argentina to Australia, the USA to India, and beyond.

    BTS' V

    BTS' V

    Continuing to impress ARMY with his charm and soulful voice, Kim Taehyung, the singer from the biggest group in the world, BTS, has recently released the single 'FRI(END)S', which has become an unstoppable force in the music industry. The track swiftly captured the affection of fans globally. 

    Now, several weeks after its release, the song has reached a new pinnacle. On May 12, it was revealed that 'FRI(END)S' had soared to the top spot on the iTunes chart in an astounding 100 countries across the globe. V's track has connected with listeners worldwide, from Argentina to Australia, the USA to India, and beyond. It has received much praise and is the first song of 2024 to accomplish this incredible achievement, breaking records in the process.

    With fans enjoying this song so much, here are the vocalist's other solo tracks to achieve such widespread success on the global iTunes charts:

    Sweet Night:

    This song from the K-drama 'Itaewon Class' which was released in March of 2020, marked V's first-ever venture as a solo artist on paid platforms. This ballad was written, composed, produced, and sung by Taehyung himself. This song broke its record by becoming the number-one single in 119 nations when it peaked at the top of the Venezuelan iTunes list. With this, V had become "The First And Only Artist To Achieve This In Music History".

    Inner Child:

    Featured on BTS' "Map of The Soul: 7" album, this song quickly became a fan favourite and garnered praise from critics in nearly every review of the album. Throughout its first year, this soulful track amassed numerous accolades, notably topping charts in 95 countries on the worldwide iTunes chart. This achievement earned V the distinction of being the first and only Korean soloist to accomplish such a milestone with two solo songs.

    Christmas Tree:

    This track featured in the K-drama "Our Beloved Summer" swiftly ascended to the top of the iTunes chart in 53 countries within just 2 hours of its release, marking it as the fastest solo song in history to achieve such a milestone. This same song also made its mark on the US Billboard's main chart, the "HOT 100," becoming the first Korean OST to lead the Billboard digital song sales chart. These accomplishments collectively earned V the well-deserved title of "King of OSTs," as all of his contributions in this genre consistently soared high on various music charts.

    Slow Dancing:

    The title track of Taehyung's solo album 'Layover' swiftly climbed to the No. 1 spot on iTunes charts in an impressive 99 countries. Additionally, 'Slow Dancing (FRNK Remix)' secured the top position in 18 countries, while the 'Cautious Clay Remix' topped the iTunes Charts in 13 countries.

    wherever u r:

    Taehyung and American singer UMI's collaborative song, released on V's 28th birthday (December 30th, 2023), swiftly conquered the global iTunes Charts within a mere 24 hours. It surged to claim the top spot in an impressive 89 countries. This achievement also signifies UMI's debut atop the iTunes charts.