Captain Kim Taehyung! BTS' V in SDT uniform continues to be ARMY and internet's new obsession

    New videos started doing the rounds on social media, making BTS' Kim Taehyung aka V the hot topic that he always is.

    Captain Kim Taehyung

    Captain Kim Taehyung

    Singer from one of the most successful bands in the world - Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) - Kim Taehyung has currently been the internet's obsession. His photos and videos have been going viral since June 9. After a video of him backstage at the 2024 Veterans Cultural Festival surfaced, especially him in his military uniform, new videos started doing the rounds on social media, making him the hot topic that he always is.

    The first video to go viral was of him chatting with BIG MAMA's Lee Ji-young in the Chuncheon district, in which he is dressed in his all-black Special Duty Team (SDT) uniform and stylish shades. Soon after, fans who attended the event recognized him, and many shared various photos and videos of him looking dapper in the uniform.

    ARMY, who have always been proud of him, are now screaming and shouting, especially on X (formerly known as Twitter), to express how healthy and, as always, beautiful the man looks.

    About BTS' V in the SDT unit:

    In case some were unaware, V is presently completing his mandatory military duty in South Korea. The musician started serving as required in December 2023. He spent three weeks at the Army General Administration School following five weeks of basic training in the military boot camp, and then he joined the ROK II Corps.

    A specialized military police force called the Special Duty Team (SDT) is in charge of anti-terrorism operations, special operations, VIP protection, mobile strikes in urban areas, and the initial response to violent crimes.

    On the work front for BTS V:

    Before enlisting, Taehyung released his solo album 'Layover' in September 2023. The lead hit from the album, "Slow Dancing," was one of six tracks. Additionally, the vocalist co-wrote a song with American singer UMI. He also demonstrated his acting abilities by appearing in the music video for "Love Wins All" by K-pop star IU.

    On March 15, BTS' label BIGHIT MUSIC released V's new single, 'FRI(END)S', giving fans even more reasons to miss him.