Christopher McDonald reveals Adam Sandler's plans for Happy Gilmore sequel

    McDonald, who played the antagonist Shooter McGavin in the original film, shared that he has read an early draft of the script.

    Happy Gilmore (Source: X)

    Happy Gilmore (Source: X)

    Adam Sandler is revisiting one of his most beloved films as he works on a sequel to Happy Gilmore. Christopher McDonald, Sandler's costar in the original 1996 sports comedy, revealed this during a recent interview on Audacy's 92.3 The Fan.

    During the interview, McDonald shared that he recently crossed paths with Sandler, who showed him an early draft of the sequel's script. "So it's in the works. Fans demand it, damn it," McDonald exclaimed, while also taking a moment to commend Sandler's recent projects.

    Happy Gilmore (Source: X)

    Revisiting a Cult Classic

    In Happy Gilmore, Sandler is a former hockey player who transitions to golf in a bid to save his grandmother's home from foreclosure. McDonald portrays his adversary, Shooter McGavin. McDonald recalled that his character was initially not widely appreciated during the early days of the film's release.

    He further explained that the key to portraying a character like Shooter McGavin is to embody him in a smarmy manner while elevating the protagonist. McDonald emphasized that villains are meant to meet their downfall eventually, as scripted, but playing such roles is immensely enjoyable.

    Adam Sandler (Source: X)

    A Look Back at the Success Happy Gilmore

    Directed by Dennis Dugan and released by Universal Pictures, the film grossed over $82 million worldwide upon its release and continues to have a dedicated fan base. The screenplay was written by Sandler and Tim Herlihy, with notable performances by Julie Bowen and a memorable cameo by the late Bob Barker.

    Insiders indicate that the project will likely be produced for Netflix, given Sandler and Happy Madison's longstanding partnership with the streaming platform. However, neither Netflix nor representatives for Sandler have provided official comments on the matter.