Friends Art Director spills beans: Home Alone house sneaks into the show – wild theory confirmed

    In a surprising twist, the art director of "Friends" spills the beans on a wild theory – did the iconic "Home Alone" house make a secret cameo in the beloved sitcom?

    Friends Cast (Source: NBC)

    Friends Cast (Source: NBC)

    A potential golden television Easter egg has surfaced, connecting the fictional McCallister family from Home Alone to the Friends cast. Instagram user Scott Westwood recently shared a theory, suggesting that Chandler and Monica from Friends moved into the McAllister’s house from Home Alone.

    In the video, he skillfully juxtaposed scenes from the 1990 film depicting a family's holiday mishap of leaving a child behind with footage of "Mondler" in their home. The clever edit reveals the Home Alone residence distinctly visible through the window of the Friends' characters.

    Home Alone (Source:IMDB)

    Art Director Confirms Easter Egg

    The video has gained a remarkable 14.4 million views and counting. Even Daren Janes, claiming to be the art director on the New York City-based sitcom, took notice. Janes commented, "This is hilarious. You caught me. I was the Art Director on FRIENDS & the house was a set. The actors walked in the front door, so we saw outside. We used the backing from a company called Pacific Studios which was made for Home Alone because it looked the best through the door & windows. Great eye my friend!!!!”

    By Thursday, Janes' response to Westwood's post had amassed over 103,000 likes and almost 400 comments. Despite its debut in November 1990, interest in the Home Alone house endures. Recently, The New York Times explored the contemporary cost for the McAllisters to reside in the expansive residence, keeping the fascination alive.

    Friends (Source: X)

    Inside Scoop from a Former Resident

    Financial experts consulted by the New York Times revealed that in 1990, the McCallister family home could only have been within reach for the top 1% of Chicago households, requiring an income of approximately $305,000 (equivalent to $665,000 in 2022).

    In December 2020, Laura Abendshien, a former resident whose family's home served as the filming location, shared insights on the U.K. morning show This Morning. "We stayed in the house pretty much the entire period, which was about four or five months," she shared at the time.

    Home Alone (Source:Vanity Fair)

    Recalling the experience, Abendshien mentioned Macaulay Culkin, who portrayed Kevin McCallister, using her room for study sessions with his tutor. She noted that his brother, Keiran, who wasn't filming as frequently, would also hang out in her room. Abendshien expressed her surprise at how much of a hit her family's home became decades later.