From prodigy to opera star: Jeong Nyeon promises a battle of talent between Kim Tae Ri and Shin Ye Eun

    New drama 'Jeong Nyeon' set in the 1950s follows Yoon Jeong Nyeon, a talented but underprivileged singer, as she battles rivals and climbs the opera world. Featuring a star-studded cast including Kim Tae Ri and Ra Mi Ran!

    Jeong Nyeon Panel (Source: The Korean Hearld)

    Jeong Nyeon Panel (Source: The Korean Hearld)

    Korean drama enthusiasts, brace yourselves! The realm of historical dramas is about to get richer and more melodious with the forthcoming series, 'Jeong Nyeon'. A tale of ambition, talent, and rivalry, the drama weaves together the struggles and aspirations of a young singer named Yoon Jeong Nyeon, set against the backdrop of the 1950s.

    The Rising Star with a Voice of Gold

    Kim Tae Ri, the face many have come to adore from her stellar performances, slips into the shoes of Yoon Jeong Nyeon. But she isn't just any character; Jeong Nyeon is a pansori prodigy. Pansori, for the uninitiated, is a celebrated Korean genre of musical storytelling. With no wealth or formal education to her name, this young girl from Mokpo possesses an unparalleled singing voice. Her dreams take her from the quaint surroundings of Mokpo to the bustling metropolis of Seoul, where she aspires to shine on the stage of the Korean Traditional Woman’s Opera.

    Kim Tae Ri (allkpop)

    A Duel of Divas

    As the saying goes, every star must contend with a challenger. Enter Shin Ye Eun as Heo Young Seo. Gifted in singing, dancing, and acting, Heo Young Seo hails from an affluent background. Naturally, her path crosses with Jeong Nyeon, setting the stage for a riveting rivalry. 

    But what's a drama without a sprinkle of compelling side characters? Ra Mi Ran, fresh off the triumphant run of "The Good Bad Mother", transforms into Kang So Bok. As the charismatic and unabashedly candid leader of Mae Ran Korean Traditional Woman’s Opera, she is set to make waves. Then there's Moon So Ri, the former "Queen Maker", who takes on a deeply emotional role as Yoon Jeong Nyeon’s mother, Seo Yong Rye. Once heralded as a genius in the realm of pansori, she trades the limelight for a life of solitude, dedicating herself to raising Jeong Nyeon.

    Shin Ye Eun (allkpop)

    With filming slated to begin this September, 'Jeong Nyeon' promises to transport audiences to a bygone era where dreams, talent, and determination converge in the world of traditional Korean opera. Anticipation is rife, and with a premiere eyed for 2024, the countdown has officially begun!

    In the interim, fans can dive into Shin Ye Eun's splendid act in “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse”, and bask in the brilliance of Ra Mi Ran in “Honest Candidate”.

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