From RM and Jin as bias to listening to V's 'FRI(END)S' - 'The Fall Guy' star Winston Duke joins BTS fandom ARMY

    Winston Duke had a good Q&A session with ARMY for quite a few hours on X, with fans appreciating their love for BTS.

    Winston Duke and BTS

    Winston Duke and BTS

    It was not a shock but surely a pleasant surprise after 'The Fall Guy' star Winston Duke mentioned BTS during one of his interviews, which has now become a trending hit. When the interviewer asked what kind of music he has been listening to lately, he answered, "I love movie scores. I've actually been listening to a lot of BTS recently." When questioned about his favourite song by the group, he said, "You know that song 'Friends'? That's like on repeat right now."

    Soon enough, ARMY trended that part of the interview, and to their surprise, Winston Duke quoted the video on X (formerly known as Twitter) with the caption "Yup" along with the hashtag ARMY. 

    Soon, the fandom flooded him with various questions, including who his bias is, and he seemed to have replied to many online.

    When one ARMY asked him who his favourite BTS member was, he answered, "So, I love them all, but RM & Jin are ranking as my favourites these days."

    Another asked which Cypher is his favorite, to which he said, "Hmmm, I'm partial to Cypher pt. 4."

    He also shared that he is currently listening to BTS V's 'FRI(END)S' and wrote, "IYKYK".

    He had a good Q&A session with ARMY for quite a few hours on X, with fans appreciating their love for BTS and expressing their intention to return the favour by watching 'The Fall Guy'.

    Regarding BTS' whereabouts:

    The seven members — Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jung-kook — are fulfilling their mandatory military service. The group is anticipated to reunite by June 2025, with Jin and J-Hope scheduled to complete their service this year.

    SUGA is fulfilling his duties as a social service agent following his shoulder surgery while Jin and J-Hope are serving as drill instructors at military camp bases. RM is stationed at the 15th Infantry Division, and V has been deployed to the ROK II Corps. Meanwhile, Jimin and Jungkook are reportedly serving in the 5th Infantry Division.