Logan Lerman, original 'Percy Jackson' star, surprises new Disney+ cast with a heartfelt message of support

    Original Percy Jackson star Logan Lerman pleasantly surprises the new cast of the Disney+ adaptation with an uplifting and supportive message.

    Logan Lerman (Source: THR)

    Logan Lerman (Source: THR)

    Logan Lerman was the initial actor to embody Percy Jackson on the big screen, leading the way in Fox's brief film franchise. The series commenced in 2010 with Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and followed up in 2013 with Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters.

    Emerging talent Walker Scobell is stepping into the shoes of Percy Jackson in the Disney+ television series Percy Jackson and the Olympians. In a heartwarming twist, Logan Lerman, the original Percy Jackson, recently delighted Scobell and the entire new cast by extending his heartfelt blessing to them.

    Percy Jackson Series (Source: Variety)

    Lerman's Heartfelt Note

    In the midst of a live recording for the "Happy Sad Confused" podcast, Lerman shared his excitement with the cast, expressing, "The show looks amazing. I can’t wait to see you all crush it in your roles. You’re making a lot of people happy bringing these characters to life. I can’t imagine a better fit for Percy Jackson than Walker. You were so brilliant in ‘The Adam Project.’ I hope you like eating blue food the next few years. I think you have a hit show on your hands."

    Scobell responded to Lerman's unexpected gesture by expressing that it indeed feels good to receive well-wishes from the former Percy Jackson actor. He shared, "I have DM’d him before. I watched one of his movies, ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower.’ I really liked it. I thought it was so good I DM’d him."

    Percy Jackson Series (Source: EW)

    Budget Battles and Author's Discontent

    Although Lerman's portrayal of Percy Jackson in the movies achieved moderate success at the box office, the films faced challenges due to behind-the-scenes turmoil. Franchise author Rick Riordan expressed feelings of disrespect toward Fox's handling of his books. Sources revealed that Fox's budgets for the films became a source of disagreement, as they were deemed insufficient to faithfully translate Riordan's vision onto the screen.

    Lerman's optimism about the potential success of the new Percy Jackson cast seems well-founded, given the show's positive reception. Variety critic Aramide Tinubu praised the series as a "riveting and stunning adaptation" of the books, highlighting that the decision to start with younger actors, unlike the aging-up approach in the films, brings a unique perspective to the narrative. This approach establishes a solid foundation, allowing the story to evolve seamlessly as the leading trio ages.

    The premiere of Percy Jackson and the Olympians will be available for streaming on both Disney+ and Hulu starting December 20. Subsequently, all remaining episodes will be exclusively available for streaming on Disney+.