Post malicious comments, get sued! LE SSERAFIM takes legal steps against an alleged fake news spreader

    The OP also mentioned that another online user was also subjected to similar punishment by LE SSERAFIM.



    Since the 'Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival' videos went viral, LE SSERAFIM has become the topic of discussion, but not for a reason. From their vocals to everything, it had given them an opportunity for haters to just jump the gun and start leaving malicious comments online.

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    However, making sure not to take any more hate, LE SSERAFIM and Source Music stated they would take legal action against such users online. Now, it seems the company has stood to their word and allegedly sued a Korean netizen for leaving "defamatory and insulting" comments about the group on social media.

    On the Korean community website Pann, an anonymous user posted the news along with multiple images of the mail they received from the police station.

    According to the original poster (OP), they began making fun of the HYBE girl group on YouTube and Instagram and had "really negative feelings" toward them. But it appears that the agency is now retaliating since OP was just notified that they were being sued for spreading false information and slander.

    However, OP also stated they were shocked to hear about this as they felt their comments were light. They also claimed to not have made any personal insults and said they "just mocked and pointed out their flaws". OP even said that they had used secondary identities to post offensive remarks and still their accounts were tracked down using IP addresses and login history.

    This is what OP wrote, "I Got Sued by LE SSERAFIM + I Have More Proof"

    "Just in case some might think I’m lying, I’m posting the mail from the police station stating that I’ve been sued. I really hope you all stay careful too.

    "I'm actually a fan of another group, but after a certain incident, I started having really negative feelings towards LE SSERAFIM. Since then, I began to dislike them so much that I posted some comments on Instagram and YouTube based on things I saw on Twitter. However, those comments were considered defamatory and insulting, so I got sued for spreading false information and defamation. I got notified around the end of May.

    "To be honest, I didn’t openly curse at them or anything like that. I saw posts on this forum saying that you wouldn’t get sued for saying things like “You shouldn’t be an idol,” and that’s the kind of level my comments were at. But even that can get you sued. I didn’t insult their parents, make personal attacks, or sexually harass them. I mostly just mocked and pointed out their flaws. Of course, I admit that if they read my comments, they would have felt bad.

    "If you're using Instagram and YouTube accounts registered in Korea, you can be traced. I was using secondary accounts, but they tracked me down through login records or IP addresses—I’m not entirely sure how. I didn’t profit from my actions or run a channel; I only left comments, but they still found me. Please, learn from my experience and be cautious. I really wish I could turn back time right now".

    The OP also mentioned that another online user was subjected to similar punishment by LE SSERAFIM. The second netizen, according to OP, had actually begun circulating fake stories about the female group on X (formerly known as Twitter). According to OP, Source Music "has no intention of settling" and appears keen on investigating as many people as possible to "make an example."

    "I met a girl from the same area during the investigation. She was the one who first spread fake rumors about LE SSERAFIM on Twitter. From what I heard, she and I will likely face similar penalties. I feel this is a bit unfair. According to my lawyer, LE SSERAFIM’s company has no intention of settling and is pushing for the harshest punishment possible.

    "I've already told my parents and hired a lawyer. They said that since it was my first offense, if I submitted a letter of apology, attended all court hearings, and had my lawyer defend me, I could be acquitted. However, the company seems determined to make an example by getting as many people as possible investigated, regardless of whether they end up being acquitted. Isn’t this a bit of corporate bullying? I know I did wrong, but isn’t it just using money to scare young people?

    "I'm exhausted now. It’s costing a lot of money, and I feel terribly sorry for my parents. Even though I was the one who made those comments, it’s really frustrating that they won’t show any leniency. I have no one to talk to about this. If you dislike a celebrity, it’s best not to mention them at all. I can’t believe my life got so messed up over a few comments. I’m just so bitter and sad. Thank you for reading this".

    OP concluded their post with a cautionary message to other community users: "Negative comments will ultimately backfire, so please exercise caution."