SEVENTEEN leads, BTS still dominates despite hiatus - Top 5 boy group brand reputation rankings for June

    So let's in depth at the Top 5 groups and also the other 30 groups that made it to the list.



    June has kicked off with K-pop groups making a significant impact worldwide, whether through comebacks or the unwavering support from their fans during breaks. The Korean Business Research Institute has unveiled this month's brand reputation rankings for male idol groups.

    These rankings were determined through an analysis of consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, and community indexes of various boy groups, using big data collected from May 8 to June 8. So let's in depth at the Top 5 groups and also the other 30 groups that made it to the list. 


    Members: S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, The8, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino

    The group is gearing up to host their 2024 SVT 8TH FAN MEETING at Seoul's Gocheok Sky Dome in July. Their brand reputation index for this month is 4,574,712, which has kept them at the top of the list. Their positivity-negativity research also revealed an astounding 93.62 per cent positive reaction rate.


    Members: Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook

    Due to mandatory military service, this group has been on hiatus since 2022; however, in June, which also happens to be their anniversary month, they experienced a notable uptick. With a brand reputation rating of 4,094,611, which represents a 68.64 per cent rise since May, they surged to second position.


    Members: Shinyu, Dohoon, Youngjae, Hanjin, Jihoon, and Kyungmin

    The pre-release single "hey! hey!" from the group's second mini-album, "SUMMER BEAT!" recently delighted fans. Their brand reputation index for June was 2,448,845, which put them in third position.


    Members: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung and Jongho. 

    The group's most recent album, "Golden Hour: Part.1," just made its debut on the UK albums list at number four. Additionally, they achieved an incredible 111.27 per cent gain from last month to earn fourth position with a score of 2,257,777 on this month's brand reputation index.

    Stray Kids:

    Members: Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N.

    At the ShortShorts Film Festival & Asia 2024 (SSFF & ASIA 2024), the group's short film "SKZFLIX" took home the Global Spotlight Award. Their score of 1,746,829 in the brand reputation index put them in fifth place; this is a 3.72 percent rise from May.

    Check out the top 30 for this month below:

    6. ASTRO


    8. ENHYPEN

    9. THE BOYZ

    10. EXO

    11. SHINee

    12. TREASURE

    13. Super Junior

    14. MONSTA X


    16. 2PM

    17. VIXX

    18. BTOB

    19. WINNER

    20. Wanna One

    21. TVXQ

    22. INFINITE

    23. TXT

    24. RIIZE

    25. ONEUS


    27. ONF

    28. FTISLAND

    29. GOT7

    30. PENTAGON