Vanessa Kirby's stunning rise: From Netflix royalty to Ridley Scott's muse

    Vanessa Kirby, known for The Crown, steps into Ridley Scott's Kitbag as Josephine, replacing Jodie Comer alongside Joaquin Phoenix's Napoleon.

    Vanessa Kirby (Source: Digital Spy)

    Vanessa Kirby (Source: Digital Spy)

    It feels like just yesterday when Vanessa Kirby, a name now synonymous with stellar performances, was gracing our screens as Princess Margaret in "The Crown." Her journey from a Netflix sensation to a pivotal role in Ridley Scott's historical epic "Kitbag" is a tale of talent, timing, and tenacity. Today, as we reflect on Kirby's career trajectory, it's evident that her choice to play Josephine in "Kitbag," following Jodie Comer's departure due to scheduling conflicts, was a defining moment.

    In January 2022, the cinema world buzzed with the news of Kirby taking on this challenging role. Ridley Scott, a maestro of the historical genre, had once again made a casting decision that would turn heads. The film, set to explore the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, played by the enigmatic Joaquin Phoenix, also promises to delve into the complex love story between Napoleon and Josephine.

    The transformation: From royal to revolutionary

    Kirby's transition from the royal corridors of Buckingham Palace in "The Crown" to the tumultuous era of Napoleon showcases her range and commitment to her craft. Her Oscar-nominated performance in "Pieces of a Woman" already proved her ability to convey deep emotional narratives. Now, in "Kitbag," she is set to bring to life the love, strength, and complexity of Josephine.

    As reported by The Hollywood Feature, Jodie Comer's exit due to overlapping schedules with her West End debut in "Prima Facie" opened the door for Kirby. "Unfortunately, due to COVID and changes of schedule, I don’t think I can make Kitbag work right now due to a scheduling conflict," Comer stated on THR’s Scott Feinberg's Awards Chatter podcast. This pivotal change brought Kirby into a project that reunites Scott with Phoenix after their Oscar-laden film "Gladiator."

    Ridley Scott (Source: Boston Global)

    A future bright with promises

    Looking back, it's clear that Kirby's career has been a blend of strategic choices and serendipitous opportunities. From her compelling portrayal in "The Crown" to her imminent return as Alanna Mitsopolis/White Widow in "Mission: Impossible VII," Kirby has shown a knack for selecting roles that challenge and elevate her status in the film industry.

    As "Kitbag" readies for production, with shooting scheduled in Europe, Kirby's fans eagerly anticipate her portrayal of Josephine. This role not only marks a significant chapter in her career but also cements her place as a versatile and powerful actor in today's cinema landscape.

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