Where is BLACKPINK? YG Entertainment announces comeback for BABYMONSTER & TREASURE; BLINKs want answers

    Fans took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to ask "Where is BLACKPINK?" and also trended the hashtag "We Want Blackpink Music."



    While there is no news about the comeback of BLACKPINK, YG Entertainment went ahead and released a special announcement video featuring founder Yang Hyun Suk, who personally unveiled the company’s comeback plans, particularly for two groups: BABYMONSTER and TREASURE.

    While this news excited fans to see what BABYMONSTER and TREASURE have in store, BLACKPINK's fandom - BLINKs - had questions for YG Entertainment. Fans took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to ask "Where is BLACKPINK?" and also trended the hashtag "We Want Blackpink Music."

    Regarding BABYMONSTER and TREASURE's comeback:

    Yang Hyun Suk announced that BABYMONSTER would soon release a performance video for their recent B-side track "LIKE THAT," composed by Charlie Puth. He mentioned the video is expected to drop sometime within the month. 

    He also disclosed that the rookie girl group is gearing up for the release of a full-length album around October 2024. (Interestingly, although he mentioned only October in the video, the English subtitles translate his remark as "either September or October.") 

    Furthermore, before the album's launch, BABYMONSTER will make a comeback with a pre-release single from the upcoming album in early July. 

    Shifting focus to TREASURE, Yang Hyun Suk discussed the boy group's upcoming comeback with their new song "KING KONG," set for release on May 28. He also revealed that TREASURE would be dropping a new album this fall, without specifying a date.

    Where is BLACKPINK?

    For those who think they have disbanded, no, they are still together for group activities under YG Entertainment. However, for their solo endeavours, aside from Rosé, the other three members - Lisa, Jisoo, and Jennie - have started their own companies.

    Jennie was the first to announce her company, named "ODD ATELIER" or OA. Likewise, Lisa has launched her own company called "LLOUD," where all her solo activities will take place. Similarly, Jisoo has also announced the establishment of her independent agency called "Blissoo," in collaboration with her brother.