Airport Diaries: Rising star Babil Khan dazzles with a camo twist, Check pics

    Babil Khan was recently spotted at Mumbai airport rocking a camo jacket and trousers, redefining travel wear with a blend of comfort and style.

    <p>Babil Khan papped at Mumbai airport</p>

    Babil Khan papped at Mumbai airport

    Mumbai's bustling airport terminal turned into an impromptu fashion runway on Wednesday night when Babil Khan, the scion of cinematic legacy and rising Bollywood actor, made his appearance. The young star, known not just for his nascent acting chops but also for his unique style statements, was seen sporting an ensemble that perfectly encapsulated his free-spirited persona.

    The actor opted for a military-inspired camouflage jacket and matching trousers that immediately set him apart from the crowd. The camouflage print, which has long been a staple in the world of streetwear, was given a high-fashion edge by Khan's confident carriage. 

    Underneath the jacket, he wore a relaxed-fit, earth-toned t-shirt that complemented the olive and tan hues of his jacket and trousers. His sartorial choices speak volumes about his ability to marry comfort with style, a must for any airport attire.

    Babil accessorized his look with practical yet stylish items. He sported a pair of sturdy brown boots that added to the rugged aesthetic of his outfit while ensuring he stayed comfortable during his travel. On one wrist, a sleek, modern watch peeked out, juxtaposing the utilitarian vibe with a hint of luxury.

    Babil Khan's hairstyle was casual, with his curls left loose, framing his face in a carefree manner that many youths can resonate with. His smile was disarming, and his approachable demeanour added a layer of warmth to the cool night air of Mumbai.

    In a city that never sleeps and where fashion is as important as film, Babil Khan’s airport look was a statement - one that said he is here not just to play roles but also to set trends. As he continues to carve a niche for himself in Bollywood, his fashion choices are sure to be as closely watched much like his filmography.

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