Akira Toriyama's forgotten gem 'Sand Land': A nostalgic dive into its anticipated anime movie

    Throwback to Akira Toriyama's 'Sand Land', a manga series from over two decades ago, now reinvented as a CGI anime feature. With a promising trailer, fans eagerly await its Western release.

    <p>Akira Toriyama (Source: TMZ)</p>

    Once upon a time, well before the Super Saiyans dominated the screen, Akira Toriyama painted a post-apocalyptic world in his less-heralded, but masterfully crafted manga, 'Sand Land'. Fast forward to today, and this little gem is set to shimmer anew as a CGI anime movie. Talk about a phoenix rising!

    The desert saga gets animated

    It was an average day until Bandai Namco Entertainment dropped the bombshell. Through an enthralling trailer, they offered a glimpse of a world so familiar to dedicated Toriyama fans but brought to life with contemporary animation finesse. For those not in the know, 'Sand Land' is a poignant tale set in a world starved of water and natural resources. It narrates the journey of Sheriff Rao, the demon prince Beelzebub, and Thief as they traverse the barren landscapes in search of a fabled lost lake.

    Can CGI capture Toriyama's essence?

    One might wonder, can CGI truly encapsulate the nuance of Toriyama's hand-drawn world? From the glimpses seen so far, the collaboration of studios like Sunrise, Kamikaze Douga, and Anima suggests an affirmative. Their rendition stays true to Toriyama’s unique style, ensuring that the world of 'Sand Land' feels both nostalgic and fresh.

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    While the Japanese audience marks their calendars for August 18, 2023, we on the western shores wait with bated breath, hoping for news of its voyage to our theaters. Until then, the trailer is on loop, and speculation runs rife. After all, when the creator of 'Dragon Ball' gives us something, we sit up, watch, and cherish.

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