Alia Bhatt signed Brahmāstra for a small amount; Ranbir Kapoor admits ‘Maine part one me paese nhi liye’

    Recent rumors suggested that Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s salaries for Brahmāstra were affected due to the money spent on the heavy and expensive VFX work.

    Alia Bhatt signed Brahmāstra for a small amount; Ranbir Kapoor admits ‘Maine part one me paese nhi liye’

    Brahmāstra is one of the biggest, most expensive, films ever made in the history of Bollywood with a whopping budget of Rs 410 crore. Not just money but also a lot of time was spent on making this masterpiece, which has reportedly collected Rs 358.62 crore worldwide so far. Well, recently there was buzz that the original budget of the film was actually Rs 650 crore. Reports also suggested that due to the heavy and quite expensive VFX work, lead stars Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor had to forsake their salaries.

    In a recent chat with trade analyst Komal Nahta, director Ayan Mukerji confessed that Alia was signed for Brahmāstra on a small amount. He explained, “When she joined the film, this was 2014, she only had a couple of releases. She isn’t the star that she is today. The amount that was fixed for Alia in this film was not a very big amount, but even that small amount, by the time we completed the film, even Alia said that all of it has gone into the making of the film.” Talking about Ranbir, the filmmaker stated that the actor didn’t take anything for the making of Brahmāstra.

    Ayan added that this was a very big thing because otherwise it would have been impossible to make Brahmāstra. Well, Ranbir explained that while he didn’t charge for part 1 in this trilogy, he believes the project is an equity for life as he is also part producer. The actor shared, “Maine part one me paese nhi liye (I didn't charge for part 1) but eventually jo faith aur belief hai ki 3 parts m jo yeh film bana sakti hai (but the faith that I have about the amount that the film will make over three parts), that is beyond anything I'd get as an actor, price as an actor.”

    It was also clarified that the budget which is making headlines is for the entire trilogy, not just part 1. Well, many netizens believe that the amount of money collected by the film reported on the internet is fake. Nevertheless, Brahmāstra has officially emerged as a ‘blockbuster hit’ at the box office.

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