Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin enjoyed a happy and relaxing vacation in Mexico

    Actress Dakota Johnson and musician Chris Martin were recently spotted enjoying a delightful and tranquil vacation together in Mexico.

    Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson (Source: X)

    Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson (Source: X)

    Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin appeared to be in great spirits as they vacationed together in Mexico. The couple, known for keeping their relationship private, were photographed enjoying each other's company during their getaway, offering a rare glimpse into their personal lives.

    According to a source speaking to People, Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin enjoyed a peaceful vacation in Punta Mita for a few days. The couple appeared content and relaxed, spending quality time together. They were seen lounging on the beach, with Dakota engrossed in a book, and they also partook in yoga and meditation sessions.

    Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson (Source: X)

    A Spontaneous Getaway in Mexico

    An insider revealed that Johnson and Martin's trip seemed to be spontaneous, and the couple returned to Los Angeles on Tuesday. Their Punta Mita vacation came shortly after the Mexico City premiere of Dakota Johnson's film Madame Web at Cinemex Antara Polanco on Feb. 13.

    In Madame Web, Dakota Johnson portrays the character Cassandra Webb, a New York City paramedic who acquires clairvoyant abilities enabling her to foresee the future. The film is based on the Marvel Comics character introduced in 1980, known for her appearances in Spider-Man stories.

    Madame Web (Source: X)

    Gwyneth Paltrow and Dakota Johnson

    Last year, Martin's ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, posted a photo of herself with Johnson on social media, mentioning their close bond. During an Instagram Q&A in October 2023, the Oscar winner, 51, stated, "We're actually very good friends."

    The next month, Paltrow shared another picture of herself and Johnson, smiling as they held hands. Martin and Paltrow tied the knot in 2003 before "consciously uncoupling" in 2014 and finalizing their divorce in 2016. The singer began his relationship with Johnson in 2017.

    Gwyneth Paltrow (Source: LA Times)

    In a March 2023 appearance on the Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend podcast, Martin offered a rare insight into his relationship with Johnson. He shared how she contributed to enhancing his band's performances for the hearing impaired by introducing them to SubPacs, a device that enables individuals with hearing impairments to experience the vibrations of a concert.

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