Did Rachel McAdams really hit those high notes in Eurovision?

    Rachel McAdams' singing in Eurovision was a blend with artist Molly Sandén, revealing the movie magic behind her performance.

    <p>Rachel McAdams</p>

    Rachel McAdams

    When nostalgia strikes for the wonders of 2020's cinema, few moments stand out quite like Rachel McAdams' performance in "Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga." Not only did the film serve as a musical balm during a time when global stages were left dark, but it also sparked a curious question among fans—was it really McAdams hitting those otherworldly Icelandic whistle tones?

    Rachel McAdams' enchanting Euro-pop vocals

    As viewers, we were entranced by McAdams' portrayal of Sigrit Ericksdottir, her voice soaring through the melodic landscape of the film's soundtrack. Yet, what many may not realize is that her vocal performance was a harmonious blend with Swedish singer Molly Sandén, also known as My Marianne. The blend was so seamless that it left us questioning, where does McAdams end, and Sandén begin?

    The film's music producer, Savan Kotecha, shared a glimpse behind the curtain. While McAdams did lend her voice to the tracks, the final mix we hear on screen is predominantly Sandén's, with a "hint of McAdams" to add a unique texture. "We sent the files to the film mixers, and they blended them," Kotecha explained, crafting the Speorg note's cinematic illusion.

    Rachel McAdams

    Unveiling the voice behind the myth

    Sandén, carrying her own Eurovision legacy from the junior contest in 2006, wasn't merely a ghost vocalist but an integral part of bringing Fire Saga's music to life. As we appreciate McAdams' sincere hotel room piano serenade, it's one of the few instances where her vocal performance stands alone, untethered from her Icelandic alter ego's prowess.

    Even Dan Stevens' portrayal of Alexander Lemtov had us in awe, yet the voice that charmed us was none other than Erik Mjönes. Stevens described Mjönes' contribution as "great," a nod to the unseen talents that shape our movie experiences.

    Today, as we revisit the quirky charm of "Eurovision Song Contest," we can't help but smile at the magic of film—where the impossible becomes possible, and voices blend to create something transcendent. It reminds us that the art of cinema is not just in the spectacle, but in the delicate craft that operates just beyond the audience's sight.

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    Whether you're a die-hard Eurovision fan or simply a moviegoer in search of a feel-good film, the story behind Rachel McAdams' performance is a testament to the collaborative spirit of filmmaking, and a fascinating footnote in the rich history of movie magic.

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