Double ISMART teaser: Ram Pothineni crosses swords with Sanjay Dutt

    Based on the Double ISMART teaser, it's safe to assume that Puri Jagannadh has doubled down on the over-the-top elements that made "iSmart Shankar" a big hit in 2019.

    Double ISMART poster

    Double ISMART poster

    Filmmaker Puri Jagannadh unveiled the teaser for his upcoming movie "Double ISMART" on Wednesday, coinciding with the birthday celebration of the movie's lead actor, Ram Pothineni. Based on the teaser, it's safe to assume that Puri has doubled down on the over-the-top elements that made "iSmart Shankar" a big hit in 2019.

    The teaser begins with 'iSmart' Shankar, once again, being subjected to some science experiment. He seems to have not evolved since the events of the last movie. His dressing style, expletive-laden vocabulary, and penchant for romance remain perfectly intact.

    For the uninitiated, "iSmart Shankar" was touted to be loosely based on the Hollywood movie "Criminal". It revolves around a science experiment conducted by federal officers, who plant the memory patterns of a dead cop onto a local gangster. Something similar seems to happen in "Double ISMART".

    The teaser also reveals Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt's character as a "Big Bull." He appears to be a typical villain obsessed with flashy clothes and prone to violent outbursts. The film also stars Kavya Thapar, Bani J, Ali, Getup Sreenu, Sayaji Shinde, Makrand Deshpande, and Temper Vamsi.

    Both Puri and Ram Pothineni could use commercial success after the disastrous performance of their previous films. Puri's "Liger", starring Vijay Deverakonda, was released in cinemas in 2022 amid a lot of hype. The film's main cast and crew also did massive pre-release promotion and convinced everyone that the film would set the box office on fire. The film took a huge opening but failed to click with the masses. Poor reviews from critics further affected the movie's performance, and it ended up as one of the biggest commercial and critical flops of that year.

    On the other hand, Ram Pothineni's last few films, including "Red", "The Warriorr", and "Skanda", also failed to entertain the masses.