Emily Blunt's epic year: From 'Edge of Tomorrow' action to motherhood bliss!

    Journey back to 2014 when Emily Blunt effortlessly juggled Hollywood blockbusters, a transformative role, and the joys of new motherhood!

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    Ah, 2014, the year Emily Blunt went from silver screen heart-throb to diaper-changing extraordinaire, all while handling challenging roles and new parenthood.

    Action, Aliens, and the Art of the Exosuit

    Before motherhood graced her, Blunt embarked on an ambitious adventure called Edge of Tomorrow, sharing the screen with the "obscure newcomer," cheekily referred to as Tom Cruise. The stakes? Saving humanity from pesky lethal aliens! The duo geared up, both metaphorically and literally, with Blunt donning an 85-pound exosuit for her role. "This was six days a week, two and a half hours a day. It was brutal at first and then became addictive," recalls Blunt, expressing her commitment to authenticity.

    Remember the time when Cruise gushed about Blunt's sheer dedication? "It's amazing what she accomplished, obviously with the stunts and the character she created. She is just (expletive) good," he remarked. From wrapping up action-packed scenes to munching on post-filming burgers, the Cruise-Blunt camaraderie was a treat.

    Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise in 'Edge of Tomorrow) (2014) (Source: People)

    Motherhood, Muscles, and Meals

    Emily's transformation for Edge of Tomorrow might have left fans in awe and her husband, actor John Krasinski, playfully intimidated. Her chiseled physique led Krasinski to jest that she'd bench him, with Blunt reminiscing, "I don't know if I looked terribly alluring. I was all edges." However, she soon swapped action for action-packed diaper duties, with baby Hazel arriving in February.

    Even post-baby, Blunt's fondness for fitness shone, attributing her quick physique rebound partly to the grueling prep for Edge of Tomorrow. With a grin, she quipped, "Thanks, Tom Cruise. Thanks very much."

    But it wasn't all sweat and workouts; the British beauty has a penchant for whipping up treats. Postpartum saw her rekindling her passion for the culinary arts, even sharing a recipe in her brother-in-law's cookbook.

    Rewinding the Emily Era

    The year 2014 undeniably stands as a testament to Emily Blunt's versatility. From annihilating extraterrestrials to embracing motherhood and satisfying her culinary cravings, Blunt's year was nothing short of a roller coaster. And in true Blunt fashion, it seems she wouldn't have it any other way.

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