'Everyone Has the Right to High-Quality Information' - Bear Grylls & Seekr's Digital survival mission

    Survivalist Bear Grylls partners with AI company Seekr to launch educational platform 'Mission Seekr,' aiming to equip the next generation with media literacy skills.

    <p>Bear Grylls(Source: IMDB)</p>

    Bear Grylls(Source: IMDB)

    AI: A Survival Skill for the Digital Age

    Venturing into the wilderness of the digital world, Bear Grylls, the famed survivalist, is teaming up with AI firm Seekr Technologies to equip the next generation with a crucial survival skill - media literacy. Launched in June, the innovative educational platform, Mission Seekr, aims to transform the way we interact and understand the online landscape.

    Bear Grylls & Seekr: Champions of Media Literacy

    "Our commitment at Seekr is to empower society with the tools needed to make smart and informed decisions about the content they consume," stated Seekr CEO, Pat Condo. Together with Grylls, they hope to spearhead a revolutionary adventure to develop critical media literacy skills and reinstate trust in the online experience.

    As Condo explained to Fox News Digital, their platform provides a unique spin on traditional fact-checking. Seekr Technologies doesn't just verify facts. Instead, it analyzes the entire article and assigns a credibility score based on numerous signals. A more "directional" approach than an absolute position, as Condo says.

    The CEO elucidates his viewpoint, "Everyone has the right to high-quality information... we know that in a democracy, the final vote can change the course of history. And if we don't put the right information in people's hands, we might choose a path that may not be optimal."

    Developing Digital Survival Skills

    Drawn from their partnership with Bear Grylls, the idea of "digital survival skills" has emerged as a pivotal point. Grylls, known for his survival skills and love for the environment, finds an equal in this venture, where the skills to survive in the digital wilderness are at the forefront.

    Mission Seeker intends to develop media literacy and critical thinking in young people, encapsulating these skills in a fun, challenging environment that utilizes survival concepts, but with a distinct focus on the digital aspects.

    Grylls echoed these sentiments, stating, "With so much of our time spent online and misinformation spreading like wildfire, conquering the digital environment really is the next frontier. Now more than ever, media literacy skills have become survival skills. I'm excited to create the next generation of digital young explorers."

    As for his collaboration with Grylls, Condo commended him as an inspiring, non-political figure that young people around the world admire. As he described, Grylls is not only passionate about the outdoors and environment, but he is also deeply concerned about the state of digital media literacy and critical thinking.

    On the topic of AI, Condo remains optimistic. "There's nothing today and nothing on the horizon that can absolutely replace a human in terms of their creativity... we've now tamed AI," he said.

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