‘He is a porn legend’: Ayappa KM calls Johnny Sins sporting, talks about directing him in Ranveer Singh’s ad- Exclusive

    In an exclusive chat with Desimartini, filmmaker Ayappa KM who directed Ranveer Singh’s trending commercial, shares his experience of working with adult actor Johnny Sins

    <p>Johnny Sins</p>

    Johnny Sins

    Bollywood star Ranveer Singh and adult actor Johnny Sins’ new commercial is one of the biggest topics trending in our country at the moment. A parody of the saas bahu serials we have been watching since childhood, this advertisement was shot for men's sexual health and wellness brand Bold Care, co-founded by Ranveer. In the short clip, Ranveer plays Johnny’s brother and helps him save his marriage in the most hilarious way possible. In an exclusive conversation with Desimartini, Ayappa KM, the director of this viral ad, shared his experience of working with Johnny, whom he calls a 'porn legend'.

    On being asked about directing Johnny in the 'saas-bahu' serial concept, Ayappa KM shared, “It’s important to do something which breaks the internet and goes viral. So, Johnny Sins was a great way to do that because no one has ever.. You see spoofs and parodies and we’ve also seen ones of soap operas, it’s nothing new. But getting a leading porn star and dressing him up in a kurta, that was what was enticing to me and that was funny.”

    But what made the team bring Johnny onboard? Replying to this, Ayappa KM stated, “It’s a sexual care product, Johnny Sins is a porn legend. So join the dots.” Talking about his experience, the director shared, “Johnny was extremely professional. A lot of these people, when you meet them, they are very regular guys. So he was very professional and very sporting. I’m sure he’s been to many other shoots which are far more challenging than this. So yeah, he was very professional and very relaxed and we all had a great time. It was just very nice to see him in a kurta, it was really surreal for everyone.”

    What did you think of Johnny’s fun debut in this ad inspired by our iconic saas-bahu soap operas?