Exclusive- Meezaan Jaaferi reveals Paresh Rawal helped him on Hungama 2 set: ‘I was feeling odd acting over the top’

    Meezaan Jaaferi shares how an acting tip shared by Paresh Rawal not only helped him on Hungama 2 set, but also while shooting Yaariyan 2

    Exclusive- Meezaan Jaaferi reveals Paresh Rawal helped him on Hungama 2 set: ‘I was feeling odd acting over the top’

    Much like his father Jaaved Jaaferi, young actor Meezaan Jaaferi is a bundle of talent. He proved the same by giving us a taste of his versatility in his first two films– Malaal and Hungama 2. In his debut movie Meezaan and his love story charmed fans, whereas in his second outing he got to share the screen with seasoned stars like Shilpa Shetty and Paresh Rawal. Well, in his next film Yaariyan 2, Meezaan is all set to shine as the intense and very hot Shikhar Randhawa. We got a glimpse of his character in the trailer which left his female fans swooning.

    In an exclusive interaction with Desimartini, Meezaan revealed how an acting tip shared by Paresh during Hungama 2 helped him on the set of Yaariyan 2. He explained, “I think Paresh ji really helped me with acting in general. You know, he told me one advice which was, he said ‘what is the world of the film’. You know, when you do a film, it's not just you. There’s a lot of things that are involved in it. So you have to somewhere recognize what is the world of this film, and what is the tone that I have to maintain because when you do your own thing, you look like you just don’t get along or don’t really fit into this world. So you have to first understand the world of the film and then accordingly you have to perform.”

    Meezaan remembered, “Like in Hungama (2), initially I was performing very differently. And I was feeling a little odd acting over the top in some of the scenes. But Paresh sir told me that if you don’t do that, then you’ll look like you’re not acting because everybody else is doing that, because that is the world of the film. So you have to understand that and then maintain that. You have to be in pitch with everyone, you know whether it’s your loudness of your dialogues or just your expression, your body language. So I think that really helped me because once I understood what kind of a film Yaariyan (2) was, then I performed Shikhar accordingly.”

    Also starring Divya Khosla Kumar, TV star Pearl V Puri and Warina Hussain along with ‘wink girl’ Priya Prakash Varrier, Yaariyan 2 is all set to arrive in theatres on 20th October.