Flashback: How Ezra Miller's plea deal shook the DC universe in 2023

    Flashback to 2023, when 'The Flash' star Ezra Miller faced a string of controversies leading to a plea deal, casting shadows over the movie's release and the DC Universe.

    <p>Ezra Miller (Source: Variety)</p>

    Ezra Miller (Source: Variety)

    Ezra Miller, known for their mesmerizing role in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, but especially famed for their portrayal of the iconic superhero in DC's 'The Flash,' has had a series of unexpected twists in their personal life. As we look back from today's lens, the Hollywood headlines of 2023 indeed had a different superhero story to tell.

    The Stumbles Before The Flash:

    It started in 2020. A shocking video surfaced showing what seemed like Miller choking a fan. Though Ezra claimed to be the victim, evidence and witnesses had a contrary story. Fast forward to 2022, the alleged disorderly trail continued. The timeline gets murkier with the actor threatening a bar patron and then, in an alarming turn, supposedly throwing a chair at a woman.

    However, it was the curious case of stolen bottles of alcohol from an unoccupied residence that truly boggled many. "Why would a Hollywood heavyweight, set to shine in 'The Flash', indulge in such act?" The public pondered.

    Ezra Miller (Source: Variety)

    Miller's plea deal, as reported by Screen Rant, was a result of this theft. Rather than face the heavier charge of burglary, Miller was convicted of trespassing. They walked away with a $692 fine and a one-year probation period, but with the hovering shadow of an 89-90 day prison term if any probation terms were broken.

    Adding to the dark cloud, allegations arose of Miller grooming Tokata Iron Eyes, which were vehemently denied by both parties. More unsettling news poured in with claims of a baby discovering a bullet in its mouth in a space provided by Miller.

    DC's Dance with Disaster:

    For DC, this rollercoaster was not a thrilling ride. The Flash, set to be one of the biggest blockbusters, was on the brink of getting eclipsed by Miller's personal storms. PR nightmares haunted DC. Though they persuaded Miller to join a mental health treatment plan, whispers of recasting started to make rounds.

    However, with Ezra's lenient plea deal terms, and DC's commitment, 'The Flash' managed to make its scheduled cinematic appearance. Yet, as we reminisce today, one can't help but wonder how the DC universe tackled these storms before the dawn of 'The Flash'.

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