From K-pop stages to digital comics: HYBE's innovative blend of music and webtoons

    Almost two years ago, HYBE announced their groundbreaking venture into the world of webtoons, collaborating with K-pop giants like BTS, TXT, and ENHYPEN.

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    It's hard to believe that it's been almost two years since HYBE, the powerhouse behind some of K-pop's biggest names, announced their ambitious plans to dive into the world of webtoons. As we stroll down memory lane, let's revisit that iconic moment when music met the vibrant world of digital comics, blending two of South Korea's most influential cultural exports.

    HYBE's innovative leap: From music charts to digital panels

    In a groundbreaking move, HYBE unveiled their strategy to harness their original stories, marking a new chapter in their intellectual property endeavors. Their vision? To transcend the boundaries of music and craft narratives that could seamlessly adapt to diverse media formats. "The main idea of HYBE’s original story business is to expand artist-based content to include not only music, but also stories that can flexibly be applied to different types of media formats."

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    The most exciting part of this venture was the collaboration between HYBE artists and the world of webtoons and web novels. This synergy promised fans a unique experience, allowing them to engage with their favorite artists in a novel way.

    A sneak peek into the webtoon universe with K-pop stars

    HYBE's announcement spotlighted four captivating stories set to grace the webtoon platforms. Among them, BTS's "7Fates: CHAKHO" stood out as an urban fantasy, drawing inspiration from the tiger-hunting officers of the Joseon Dynasty. This tale of seven boys bound by destiny in a futuristic city promised a blend of history and modernity.

    ENHYPEN's "DARK MOON" offered a fresh twist to the high school romance genre, introducing readers to vampire boys and their mysterious encounters. Meanwhile, TXT's "THE STAR SEEKERS" painted a magical realm where K-pop idols navigated a world teeming with magic and reality.

    These webtoons, in collaboration with Naver Webtoon, made their debut in January 2022, marking a significant milestone in HYBE's journey.

    The bigger picture: HYBE's expanding horizons

    While the webtoon initiative was a highlight, HYBE's corporate briefing was brimming with other exciting announcements. From plans to launch a new girl group in the U.S. with Geffen Records to venturing into the NFT business, HYBE's vision was clear: to continuously innovate and redefine the entertainment landscape.

    Looking back, HYBE's foray into the webtoon world was more than just a business move. It was a testament to the limitless possibilities when music, storytelling, and digital art converge.

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