‘Goodshaah’: Badshah issues apology for hurting sentiments with Sanak, will be making changes; fans react

    After receiving backlash for using Bholenath’s name along with alleged obscene words in his single Sanak, rapper Badshah has decided to change his song

    ‘Goodshaah’: Badshah issues apology for hurting sentiments with Sanak, will be making changes; fans react

    Rapper Badshah has been in the news lately because of his latest track Sanak. While some fans have loved the track and the sick beats, many others were upset with the ‘objectionable’ lyrics. The rap star has also been accused of hurting religious sentiments because he used alleged obscene words along with Lord Shiva’s name Bholenath in this song. A priest of Mahakaleshwar Temple, who was outraged with this single, demanded that Badshah remove Bholenath’s name from the track and apologize. Well, the rapper has now issued an official apology for the same.

    On his Instagram handle, Badshah shared, “It has been brought to my attention that one of my recent releases, Sanak, sadly seems to have hurt the sentiments of some people. I would never willingly or unknowingly cause offence to anyone's sentiments.” He went on to add, “In light of this recent development, I have taken proactive measures to change some parts of the song and actioned the replacement with this new version on all digital platforms to further avoid hurting anyone. The replacement process takes a few days before the changes will reflect on all platforms, I request everyone to be patient during this period.”

    In the comment section below, many netizens have reacted to Badshah’s apology and decision to change the track. One social media user suggested, “Bas tu bholenath ka naam hta de baki usme kuch bhi kr”, whereas another netizen wrote: “Hence proved why u r ruling in dhh scene #Goodshaah.” A third fan shared, “@badboyshah you’re too kind to apologize! Honestly you shouldn’t feel bad. You’re a great artist! People are just jealous.” But there are also some who don’t see the need to change the song. For instance, one comment read: “Why?? Siddhu Moosewala never changed his Pro-Khalistani lyrics even after backlash”, while another netizen wrote: “I see nothing wrong with the Song, idk why people wanna do this. Always With You❤️.”

    What are your thoughts on Badshah’s track Sanak?