Happy Birthday Shah Rukh Khan: Here's why the Jawan actor is truly the 'last of the stars'

    On Shah Rukh Khan's birthday today, here's looking at why he is literally the 'last of the stars' out there.

    Shah Rukh Khan

    Shah Rukh Khan

    Shah Rukh Khan is not just a mere favorite actor of crores of Bollywood lovers across the globe, he is a phenomenon in all his glory. A man who immortalized romance, charm, wit, and intensity both offscreen and onscreen. It is being said with a lot of surety that the superstar will be the last of the stars and there will be no other after him who will match the level of superstardom which he enjoyed in his 31 years of film career.

    Talking about the same, on his birthday today (November 2), the actor greeted his innumerable fans who gathered outside his home Mannat until almost 2 a.m. in the night. From doing his signature pose to giving out flying kisses, Shah Rukh made the entire Bandra Bandstand come to a halt creating the same euphoria all over again. In his filmography, the man has transcended from playing the quintessential King Of Romance, the serious man on a mission in Swades and Chak De India, an individual who holds on to his courage and determination against all odds in My Name Is Khan to finally creating a mass hysteria as an action and mass hero in Pathaan and Jawan.

    But the very fact that Shah Rukh through his characters made us experience romance, heartbreak, happiness, butterflies, and the adrenaline rush in his stupendous filmographies is what makes him larger-than-life. He does not only keep his charm reserved for his movies but manages to leave us jaw-dropped with his unmatchable wit and sense of humor in his public appearances and interviews. During a lull phase when some section of the audience, critics, and reportedly even portions of the Bollywood nexus had written him off, both he and his fans did not give up with a ray of hope that the actor would be back on the track again. A massive setback on his personal life and numerous mudslinging on his family did not deter his spirit either. And as they say, his era has been revolutionized and revamped even bigger than before. The aura, the fan-frenzy, the emotional connection and the hysteria that the actor has managed to touch in his life of 58 years is truly unimaginable. Celebrities will come and go but there will only be one shining star with his dimpled smile, intense eyes,Happy Birthday Shah Rukh Khan: Superstar greets fans outside Mannat late at night, shares a heartwarming message and arms outstretched with love.