How Hailee Steinfeld stole the show and became Marvel's rising star in 'Hawkeye'

    Throwing it back to 2021, Hailee Steinfeld made her remarkable debut in the MCU as Kate Bishop in 'Hawkeye'. The series not only showcased her rise as a superhero but also highlighted her unique dynamics with Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton.

    <p>Hailee Steinfeld (Source: Variety)</p>

    Hailee Steinfeld (Source: Variety)

    When Hailee Steinfeld set foot on the set of "Hawkeye," there was a palpable energy that indicated something special was brewing. Embarking on a journey into the heart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Steinfeld embraced the character of Kate Bishop, an enthusiastic archer with dreams of becoming a superhero.

    For Steinfeld, it wasn't just about bringing the comic character to life but experiencing the larger-than-life moments on set. "I will never forget, after the first take, I was just, like, giddy,” she shared in a chat with the New York Daily News. It's this infectious energy and passion for the role that made Steinfeld's portrayal of Kate Bishop unforgettable.

    From idolizing Hawkeye to partnering with him

    Hailee Steinfeld (Source: Variety)

    Kate Bishop's journey in the series closely mirrors Steinfeld's own enthusiasm about joining the Marvel family. Kate is introduced as an admirer of the seasoned Avenger, Hawkeye, beautifully played by Jeremy Renner for over a decade. But as terrors grip New York City during the festive season, the paths of the mentor and his admirer converge, leading to some captivating on-screen moments.

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    Renner, whose portrayal of Clint Barton a.k.a. Hawkeye has won hearts since 2011, touched upon their unique dynamic, saying, "She brings up a lot of difficulties in his life.” Despite the challenges, the bond they share in the series is genuinely moving and deeply connected.

    Exploring depths and dimensions in 'Hawkeye

    'The series "Hawkeye" brought with it the opportunity to delve deeper into Clint's past, particularly the time when he donned the mantle of the mysterious Ronin. With Steinfeld's Kate Bishop by his side, this journey of self-exploration becomes even more intriguing.

    On the other hand, Kate, a New Yorker with big dreams, wishes to make a positive impact. Having made her mark in movies like "Pitch Perfect" and chart-topping hits such as “Starving,” Steinfeld aptly describes the series' essence, “(The series) really is a beautiful evolution of someone meeting their idol... It turns into, whether or not he’s willing to admit it right away, a partnership.”

    The evolving relationship between the experienced Avenger and the budding hero brings with it highs, lows, and countless unforgettable moments. Their story, as Renner aptly puts it, makes one wonder, "how did these characters ever exist without each other?"

    From her standout performance to the intricate dynamics with Clint Barton, Hailee Steinfeld's journey as Kate Bishop in "Hawkeye" serves as a testament to her incredible talent, marking yet another stellar chapter in her diverse career.

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