'I don't want to give you a partial response' - When Timothee Chalamet dodged Hammer's assault allegations talk

    When Timothee Chalamet sidestepped conversations about Armie Hammer's assault allegations from his "Call Me By Your Name" days, calling it a "larger conversation."

    <p>Timothee (Source: CNBC)</p>

    Timothee (Source: CNBC)

    "I totally get why you're asking that, but it's a question worthy of a larger conversation," said the rising star Timothee Chalamet in 2021, when pressed about the sexual assault allegations surrounding his "Call Me By Your Name" co-star, Armie Hammer (as reported by Time). Two years since, we look back on how Chalamet's rather diplomatic response shaped his relationship with the media, Hollywood, and fans worldwide.

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    A Silent Response in the Wake of a Scandal

    While Chalamet's journey to stardom was well underway, thanks to his captivating performance in "Call Me By Your Name," it was indeed the Hammer scandal that shifted the media focus towards him, putting him on the spot. It was the intimacy of their roles in the film that perhaps raised questions when young women stepped forward with dreadful accusations against Hammer, including a rape allegation.

    While Hammer's Hollywood future became increasingly uncertain, Chalamet's star was on the rise. As he made the rounds promoting his upcoming film, "Dune," at the time, questions about the Hammer scandal were almost inevitable. Yet, Chalamet successfully avoided giving a detailed response on the matter, a move that seemed to suggest his prioritization of privacy over public performance.

    Chalamet's "Larger Conversation"

    It's interesting to note Chalamet's choice of words. "It's a question worthy of a larger conversation" – his reply was as elusive as it was intriguing. Chalamet refrained from making grand statements, from virtue signaling or taking a hard stance on a deeply complicated issue. Instead, he pointed to the need for a broader discourse, a dialogue that goes beyond Hollywood's red carpets and interview rooms.

    Yet, what was the "larger conversation" Chalamet had in mind? Even two years on, the answer remains as elusive as the question. This approach was met with mixed reactions – while some lauded his privacy, others found it insufficient in the face of serious allegations.

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    The Weight of Celebrity Opinions

    While Chalamet may be renowned for his talent as an actor, does it render his stance on social issues like the #MeToo movement critical? Or is it just another way for media houses to generate clickbait headlines, without actually serving the cause or the survivors?

    Fast forward to 2023, this incident remains a thought-provoking case study on how celebrities handle sensitive topics – and how we, the audience, perceive them. Chalamet didn't build his brand on the abuse of others, choosing instead to reserve his thoughts for that elusive "larger conversation."

    Whether this conversation ever transpires remains to be seen. For now, Timothee Chalamet's star continues to shine in the Hollywood sky, unaffected by the controversy surrounding his former co-star.

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