"I Just Want to Do It": Idris Elba seeks new heights with comedic roles and a dream of musicals

    In an unexpected twist, renowned actor Idris Elba is embracing lighter roles in comedy and expressing a keen desire to enter the world of musicals. Known for his memorable roles in The Wire, Luther, and Stephen King's Dark Tower series, Elba's comedic venture "In the Long Run" offerred a semi-autobiographical look at his own childhood and demonstrates his flexibility as an actor.

    "I Just Want to Do It": Idris Elba seeks new heights with comedic roles and a dream of musicals

    Idris Elba, a name synonymous with intense drama and action, made an unexpected turn towards comedy and musicals. As reported by Mashable, the man known worldwide as Stringer Bell from The Wire is ready to flex his comedic muscles, proving there's more to his artistic repertoire than what meets the eye.

    Idris Elba: The Comedic Journey Begins

    Elba recently dove headfirst into comedy with "In the Long Run," a semi-autobiographical series that's a snapshot of his own childhood. Elba confessed that the freedom of comedy appealed to him, noting, "But with comedy, you can on the day come up with something really stupid and make the crew laugh that actually might work in the show. I love doing that."

    The series, set in 1980s London, could have easily taken a more dramatic route. However, Elba was eager to keep it light-hearted. "I wanted to make it a comedy because I wanted to try my hand at comedy -- doing a comedic role, at which I fail miserably!" he quipped.

    Navigating the Challenges of Comedy

    Despite his impressive resume of intense roles, Elba admitted to finding comedy challenging, acknowledging, "The script feels very funny, period. When I'm acting in comedy I tend to egg it up a little bit. But I enjoy doing it because my old man was a bit like that."

    Elba's candidness about his journey into comedy is indicative of his readiness to embrace new challenges. He possesses a driven mindset that's focused on achieving his desires, without regrets. "I never want to be that person that says, 'Oh, I wish I did it'. I just want to do it."

    Idris Elba: Tuning into the Musical Dream

    Beyond comedy, Elba has his eyes on another genre - musicals. "A musical," Elba announced, "I would love to do a musical. It's just something I haven't done that I would like to do."

    Watch out world, Idris Elba showcased a whole new range of talents. This new comedic and potentially musical journey is not just a professional shift, but a personal testament to his ambitious nature. Keep your eyes peeled, because if there's anything to learn from Idris Elba's career so far, it's that this man is full of surprises.

    Points to Note:

  • Idris Elba starred in a semi-autobiographical comedy series "In the Long Run"
  • He found comedy challenging but enjoyable
  • Elba expressed a strong desire to be part of a musical

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