'I think he's irrelevant, in my world' : Mickey Rourke's explosive take on Tom Cruise, plus a new look revealed!

    Mickey Rourke sported a new blonde look as he stepped out with Kris Kristofferson.

    <p>Mickey Rourke (Source: IndieWire)</p>

    Mickey Rourke (Source: IndieWire)

    It's always a spectacle when Mickey Rourke decides to stir up Hollywood, and his recent outing with Kris Kristofferson, coupled with his shocking blonde transformation, gave us more than one reason to chat!

    "The Head Isn't Scrambled Eggs!"

    Sporting a long blonde hairpiece, Rourke, 70, was spotted enjoying lunch with singer pal Kristofferson, 86, at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. This fascinating change of hairstyle comes months after Rourke revealed a dangerous skateboarding accident on social media.

    Mickey's Daring Past

    "Looks like my skateboarding days are over," he boldly declared, showing off a painful gash on his forehead to his 217K Instagram followers. But don't think for a moment that it's slowing down the seasoned actor. He's recently wrapped up filming for David Lipper's action-thriller "Murder at Hollow Creek."

    Mickey Rourke (Source: IndieWire)

    Mickey has always been an icon of controversy and candor. Remember when he shared, "I have a love/hate relationship with acting. I enjoy what I'm doing at the moment because I can give everything that I'm taught. I have my confidence."

    Mickey's Unfiltered Opinions

    It's not just skateboarding or acting that gets him talking. Rourke isn't shy about his feelings toward fellow Hollywood celebs. "The young guys are cool. They don't care about what they hear. They judge me by my acting ability, not my old reputation," he said.

    His views on A-listers like Tom Cruise are downright brutal: "I think he's irrelevant, in my world," Rourke stated on Piers Morgan Uncensored. He's also blasted Marvel movies, praising the actors of Law & Order: SVU over the "cr*p" on Marvel.

    Lunch, Hair, and Everything Else

    From his casual black v-neck T-shirt and blue jeans to his powerful critique of the acting world, Rourke remains an enigmatic figure in Hollywood. His outing with Kris Kristofferson was no exception. Both were laid-back in their attire, enjoying each other's company.

    Whether it's his newly blonde locks or his cutting words, Mickey Rourke continues to captivate and perplex. One thing's for sure: In a world that often takes itself too seriously, Rourke's brash honesty is refreshingly real.

    As reported by Daily Mail, this latest glimpse into the life of a Hollywood legend serves as a reminder that Mickey Rourke is anything but ordinary. Whether you love him or loathe him, his unfiltered opinions and zest for life keep us coming back for more.

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