'I’m incredibly excited about the future at Amazon Studios' - Jen Salke takes the helm at Amazon

    Former NBC Entertainment President Jen Salke moves to Amazon Studios, vowing to bring new dynamism and mass appeal to their programming.

    'I’m incredibly excited about the future at Amazon Studios' - Jen Salke takes the helm at Amazon

    Amazon Studios has hit the jackpot with their latest hire - none other than the former NBC Entertainment President, Jen Salke. The heavyweight of the television industry is ready to steer the ship at the Santa Monica-based studio, promising an exciting future filled with innovation, creativity, and possibly, a few big hits.

    "I’m incredibly excited about the future at Amazon Studios"

    Amazon, the Seattle-based retailing behemoth, has been seeking to invigorate its programming strategy, repair relations with Hollywood producers, and generate more mainstream hits to compete effectively against streaming rivals Netflix, HBO, and Hulu. Jen Salke seems primed to do just that. She replaces Roy Price, who was ousted after a sexual harassment complaint. Salke's appointment comes as Amazon Studios aims to course-correct after some hiccups in its programming and leadership, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

    Salke, known for her collaborative approach and knack for selecting winners, particularly those that resonate with mass audiences, is already getting thumbs up from the industry. "She is exactly what Amazon needs — a programming expert," says Michael Pachter, a media analyst with Wedbush Securities in Los Angeles.

    "It’s an exciting time to be a content creator"

    Salke's repertoire includes popular NBC hits such as "This Is Us," "Superstore," and "The Good Place." She also played a key role in the expansion of Dick Wolf’s popular franchise of Chicago-centric dramas, such as "Chicago Fire" and "Chicago Med."

    Under her leadership, Amazon Studios is expected to shift its focus and make more commercially successful shows to attract broader audiences and bring in more medium-income customers. As she takes the helm, the hope is for Amazon Studios to deliver culturally relevant premium content akin to HBO's "Big Little Lies," Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale," and Netflix's "Stranger Things."

    Key Points:

  • Jen Salke, former NBC Entertainment President, joins Amazon Studios.
  • Salke is known for her approachable and collaborative style.
  • She has a strong track record for picking shows that click with mass audiences.
  • Salke's appointment comes as Amazon Studios aims to revamp its programming strategy and mend relations with Hollywood producers.
  • Industry insiders believe Salke is precisely the programming expert that Amazon needs.
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