'It was just an accident': Tom Holland explains tagging Zendaya on his crotch – The unforgettable moment revealed

    A throwback to Tom Holland's Instagram mishap where he tagged Zendaya on his crotch. The hilarious accident added to their playful romance.

    <p>Tom Holland and Zendaya (Source: Twitter)</p>

    Tom Holland and Zendaya (Source: Twitter)

    Ah, young love, filled with passion, promise, and occasionally, a peculiar social media mishap! Tom Holland and Zendaya's blossoming romance has caught the public eye, not just for their sweet relationship but also for those moments that leave us all chuckling. Let's swing back to one such unforgettable incident.

    "It Was Just an Accident" – Tom Holland's Blushing Blunder

    It seems like a friendly neighborhood Spiderman isn't always that nimble with his fingertips, especially when it comes to Instagram. An old video clip showcases a candid interview with Zendaya, Tom Holland, and Jacob Batalon, where Tom's tagging mishap becomes the subject of teasing.

    "How in one of the pictures, he tagged Zendaya, but her name has been tagged on his crotch," the interviewer asked, leaving Holland gushing and flustered.

    Tom Holland and Zendaya (Source: Variety)

    "It was just an accident," Tom attempted to explain, his face a shade of spider-red, as reported by Instagram user @tomsnapchats.

    Even Zendaya couldn't help but call the photo-sharing app "stupid," joining in the laughter.

    From Co-Stars to Soulmates – The Tom and Zendaya Journey

    Since Tom's Spiderman was introduced in 'Captain America: Civil War,' his on-screen chemistry with Zendaya has evolved into something beautiful off-screen as well. Rumors about their dating and even marriage being on the cards have fluttered like web threads in the wind.

    This mischievous tagging incident only added fuel to the fire, showcasing the extra goofiness we've come to love about Tom. 

    Still from Spider-Man (Source: IMDB)

    The Instagram blunder seemed almost expected from Holland, but thankfully it was all taken in stride. Zendaya's expression and Jacob's reaction were priceless, making this one of those unforgettable moments in celebrity history.

    Swing High, Swing True, Spider-Lovers!

    Though things didn't end well for their characters in 'Spiderman: No Way Home,' fans across the globe hope that won't be the case in real life for Tom and Zendaya. With reports of them being in it for the long haul, this Instagram hiccup will likely become just another humorous chapter in their charming love story.

    So, fingers crossed for this adorable duo! May they continue to swing through life together, avoiding any more virtual pitfalls. But if they do happen, we sure wouldn't mind having another laugh!

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