"It's so stupid, honestly": Joe Keery's epic revelation on hair obsession

    In an interview a year ago, Stranger Things star Joe Keery expressed frustration over the internet's fixation on his character's iconic hair.

    "It's so stupid, honestly": Joe Keery's epic revelation on hair obsession

    "It's just internet fodder," bemoaned 'Stranger Things' star Joe Keery, about the public's obsession with his on-screen character Steve Harrington's hair, in a candid interview with The Daily Beast last year.

    "It's so stupid, honestly."

    "More Than Just Hair": Joe Keery's Hair Raising Concerns

    Despite Keery's rising popularity as Hawkins’ savior, the actor grew weary of the intense focus on his hair - an aspect he claims to have no control over. "It’s not something I care about at all," the actor and musician voiced, expressing his exasperation with the obsession that seemed to eclipse all his other achievements.

    Taking this hair fixation in stride, Keery decided to channel his frustration through music. With lyrics like "Your insults don’t affect me with my favorite coat on / I know my hair looked good in the bathroom at the bar", he infused his discontent into his song "Gloom."

    "Branching Out": Keery’s Leap Beyond Stranger Things

    As the culmination of Netflix's colossal hit series approached, Keery sought to explore new frontiers in his career. He signed on for a role in FX's Fargo, showcasing his versatility beyond the realm of sci-fi teen drama.

    Additionally, he announced the release of his music album 'DECIDE' - another testament to his creative prowess beyond the bounds of acting. Fans eagerly awaited the album, which was set to launch on September 16, 2022, as reported by Gizmodo.

    Keery's endeavors to expand his repertoire promise to quash the hair stereotypes attached to his name. As he ventures into fresh projects, the actor hopes to paint a comprehensive picture of his talents - proving he's more than just his Stranger Things persona.

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