Jamie Foxx & Diaz Reunite: Reliving the Magic On Set of 'Back in Action'

    Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz sizzle on set, as Diaz makes a smashing return with Netflix's 'Back in Action'. The duo's chemistry is palpable.

    Cameron Diaz (Source: X)

    Cameron Diaz (Source: X)

    Jamie Foxx & Cameron Diaz: Lighting Up London with 'Back in Action'

    The silver screen missed her presence, and now Cameron Diaz is back, proving age is just a number. With Jamie Foxx by her side, Diaz, at 50, is "having a blast" filming her comeback movie 'Back in Action' for Netflix, as reported by People Magazine.

    Stealing London Nights

    Since the onset of February, London's nights have been a little brighter and louder, thanks to the filming adventures of this iconic duo. "She was nervous before she arrived in London, but then very excited," spilled an inside source. This excitement is mirrored in the scenes, with Diaz's enthusiasm apparent to the crew. "She keeps telling the crew that she is just so excited to film again," remarked another insider.

    The Unbeatable Chemistry: Jamie and Cameron

    Source: TMZ

    Their history traces back to 1999's 'Any Given Sunday', and the spark only intensified in 2014's 'Annie'. And now, the streets of London bear witness to their indomitable camaraderie. Another close source didn't hesitate to state that Diaz and Foxx, 55, "have great chemistry" on set. Echoing these sentiments, a further testament came in, "They are both incredibly hard working and never complain. Cameron is a sweetheart on the set."

    A Nudge from Foxx: Diaz's Return

    While she adorned her film tiara with roles that remain etched in our memories, Diaz took a bow after her stint as Miss Hannigan in 2014's 'Annie'. Her reentry was teased in June 2022 with a fun-filled call featuring Tom Brady and, of course, our man Foxx.

    Crediting Jamie Foxx for this splendid return, a source shared, "When this project came along and she was pursued by Jamie Foxx, who she has known and worked with for years, she decided to go for it."

    And as Foxx himself revealed in August 2022 to Entertainment Tonight, his pitch was simple: "'Do you wanna have some fun? Just have some fun!' And I think that's what brought her to it."

    From what we've seen and heard, 'Back in Action' promises to be just that: pure cinematic fun. Here's to a London lit with starry nights and days filled with 'action'!

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