'Janhvi and Gill crying in the corner': Sara Tendulkar and Shikhar Pahariya head home together in a car, netizens react

    Sara Tendulkar was seen with Shikhar Pahariya leaving a party in a car. Netizens are wondering how Shubhman Gill and Janhvi Kapoor will react to the same respectively. 

    Sara Tendulkar and Shikhar Pahariya

    Sara Tendulkar and Shikhar Pahariya

    A video has been going viral of cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar’s daughter Sara Tendulkar and Shikhar Pahariya heading home together in a car after a late-night party. For the unversed, Shikhar is currently dating actress Janhvi Kapoor. While Sara has been rumored to be in a relationship with cricketer Shubhman Gill. Needless to say, the video created quite a stir and many netizens started to react to the same.

    Talking about the video, we see Shikhar sitting in the front seat beside the driver while Sara can be seen sitting behind. Shikhar can be seen donning a white shirt with a maroon cap while Sara can be seen looking stunning in a shimmery black dress. The two could be seen laughing and smiling as the paparazzi captured them heading off together from the event. Take a look at the video.

    No sooner did the video go viral than netizens started reacting to the same. Many netizens especially wondered about the reactions of Janhvi and Shubhman to the same. One of the netizens stated, “Janhvi and Gill crying in the corner.” While a user said, “Gill:- Nahi Ye nahi ho sakta kahdo ki ye jhut hai.” A netizen added, “Ye kiya ho raha hai Gill bhai.” A netizen gave a Kabir Singh reference to imagine the reaction of Gill. The comment said, “Wanaa wooo wannnaa waoooo...Shubhman Gill.” A user said, “Moye moye to Shubman.” A netizen went on to say, “unpopular opinion but Gill with Janhvi.” A user said, “@shubmangill vai jaldi se accha perform karo warna team main spot and sachin ki beti dono hi kho doge.” A netizen took a dig at Shikhar saying, “Ye Kitni Ladkiyun k sath date krta hai... Janvi kheti hai ye bf hai mera.. Aur ye Sara k sath hide n Sikh khelra hai.”

    Even though Sara and Shubhman have not confirmed their relationship, speculations are abuzz that their love boat is sailing strong. On the other hand, Janhvi is quite open about her dating Shikhar. The couple had broken up some time ago but managed to reconcile again.