Janhvi Kapoor’s BFF Orry reveals how much he earns just by attending weddings, and it’s a lot

    Orhan Awatramani aka Orry highlights that attending events, particularly weddings, is his main source of income

    <p>Orhan Awatramani</p>

    Orhan Awatramani

    Orhan Awatramani, the social media fame known for his famous words 'I am a liver' has managed to garner quite a big fan following on social media. He was also seen in the Bigg Boss 17 house along with other celebrities. He has always managed to stay in the news given his unique phone cases or his bonding with all the other star kids. But one thing everyone wants to know is what does Orhan aka Orry do to have such a lavish lifestyle and well, the man himself has finally revealed that. In an interview with Forbes India, Orry discussed his earnings from event appearances like marriages where he earns quite a lot of money.

    Orhan Awatramani spoke about how his presence brings joy to people. He stated, "For now, my focus is to spread the message of happiness. It resonates with people, keeps me going, and allows me to attend events that bring joy to others and myself. These appearances are currently my primary source of income." He also said, “People call me to weddings and they are happy to pay me anywhere between ₹15 lakh- ₹30 lakh. They want me to attend not as a guest but as a friend, maybe to the groom or someone else. So, my actual audience keeps me so afloat that they want me there at their events.”

    Orry, known for his unique style, also discussed his exclusive merchandise, including limited edition T-shirts featuring his emojis, keychains, bag tags, and stickers, which are currently available only for gifting purposes.

    Reflecting on the popularity of his merchandise, Orry spoke about an incident during Christmas 2023 when he gifted Orry merchandise and then his team received numerous calls from people from Delhi and Haryana where they expressed interest in ordering up to 300 of those gift hampers. He mentioned receiving countless requests to sell these items, but emphasized that, for now, they are solely meant for showing appreciation.

    Just a few days back, one of Orry's video had gone viral where he was seen dancing at Anant Ambani's wedding. In one the of the photos from the marriage, famous pop star Rihanna can also be seen admiring Orry’s earrings as she holds one of them.