Jared Leto's Joker shenanigans: Was it all just a throwback gimmick?"

    Looking back at 2016, Jared Leto's over-the-top method acting antics for 'Suicide Squad' left Hollywood both amused and baffled. From gifting rats to mirroring Heath's Joker, it was quite the spectacle!

    <p>Jared Leto (Source: People)</p>

    Jared Leto (Source: People)

    Method to the MadnessIt seems like just yesterday (but actually a nostalgic seven years ago) that the entertainment sphere was buzzing with Jared Leto's, erm, unique preparation for his role as the Joker in "Suicide Squad." Remember the time "Method Actor Jared Leto sent co-star Margot Robbie a live rat"? Yep, that was just the beginning.

    From ensuring co-stars referred to him as "Mr. J" to dishing out bizarre gifts like bullets, love letters, and yes – even a dead hog, Leto wasn't pulling any punches (or pranks) for the sake of method acting. Heck, he even went on 'The Tonight Show' and, without missing a beat, handed Jimmy Fallon a snake as a present. Classic Leto.

    Déjà Vu Joker: Ledger or Leto?But here's the twist in this wild tale: When snippets of Leto’s Joker hit the trailers, sharp-eyed fans couldn't help but notice eerie similarities to Heath Ledger's iconic Joker portrayal in "The Dark Knight." Of course, makeup and costumes gave Leto's Joker a different sheen, but the essence? Quite Ledger-esque, to be honest. One can't help but wonder, "If you're going to tout your groundbreaking, serious actor process... couldn't you make sure the performance is fundamentally unique?" But hey, maybe that's a story for another throwback.

    Jared Leto as Joker in 'Suicide Squad' (2016) (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

    While the world of cinema has seen many Jokers, from Nicholson's classic to Phoenix's haunting portrayal, Leto’s take stands out - not just for the character's portrayal, but for the circus that came before the film even hit the theaters.

    So, whether you found Jared Leto's method acting gimmicks genuinely immersive, a tad over-the-top, or just hilarious marketing, one thing's for sure: the man knows how to make an entrance. And for fans and critics alike, that 2016 rollercoaster was an unforgettable ride.

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