Kottukkaali - Sivakarthikeyan is ‘happy’ to announce that Soori-starrer has been selected for this International Film Festival

    After the successful premiere of Kottukkaali, the Soori and Anna Ben's film has been officially selected for another International Film Festival



    After receiving phenomenal response from the Berlin International Film Festival, Soori and Anna Ben's Kottukkaali has been officially selected for the Transilvania International Film Festival. Actor Sivakarthikeyan, who backed the project under his home banner Sivakarthikeyan Productions, took to his social media handles to share the exciting update with his fans. 

    “I'm very happy to share that, after receiving a fantastic response from the @berlinale, our film #Kottukkaali has been selected for the official competition of the Transilvania International Film Festival - @TIFFromania (sic),” the actor announced on social media. 

    The film, directed by PS Vinodraj, had earlier become the first Tamil film to premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival.

    Kottukkaali plot

    Headlined by Soori and Malayalam actress Anna Ben in her Tamil acting debut, the rural drama focuses on the serious subject of patriarchal and unfair treatment of women. An official synopsis of the film revealed that the story centrws around two families preparing for the wedding of Meena and Pandi. However, complications arise as Meena is in love with someone from a lower caste. Despite this, the family proceeds with her marriage. After the wedding ceremonies are completed, Meena's seemingly cold demeanour leads her family to believe she is possessed. Convinced that Meena's silence is a result of possession, the families seek the help of a demon vanquisher to exorcise any evil spirits. The Tamil film explores the family's strange urge to perform an exorcism on the young woman. 

    Anna Ben about Kottukkaali

    Anna Ben on Kottukkaali

    Earlier, leading lady Anna Ben had revealed that she doesn’t have many dialogues in the yet-to-be-released film. “One very interesting thing about the film is I don't have many dialogues. That's the first thing the director told me because it's a very rooted film. So, when he narrated the script, he said, 'You don't have to worry. You basically have like two lines.' And, I was like, 'Okay. So, that's a good thing,” the Malayalam actress revealed.