Lethal Weapon's final bullet: Gibson takes the Director's chair, but why now?

    In a surprising turn of events, Mel Gibson takes the directorial reins for the final 'Lethal Weapon' chapter, filling the void left by the late Richard Donner.

    <p>Mel Gibson (Source: Vulture) </p>

    Mel Gibson (Source: Vulture) 

    The iconic 'Lethal Weapon' franchise, which has kept us at the edge of our seats since 1987, is gearing up for one final ride. And this time, it's under a brand new yet familiar helm: Hollywood A-lister Mel Gibson.

    The Legacy of Richard Donner and the Unanticipated Transition

    The latest installment faced a curveball when Richard Donner, the mastermind behind the 'Lethal Weapon' movies since its inception, tragically passed away in July at the age of 91. Donner, in his final days, was in the midst of crafting the fifth episode of this enthralling tale. The project's fate looked grim, with screenwriters hopping on and off like a carousel. However, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, it appears that Richard Wenk, famed for penning the 'Equalizer' series, has crafted the recent script draft.

    The cinematic baton's transition was no impromptu decision. Lauren Shuler Donner, Richard Donner's wife, not only supported but possibly even orchestrated this monumental shift. Gibson now stands alongside the heavyweights Dan Lin of Rideback and Shuler Donner in the production realm.

    From Donner's Last Wish to Gibson's Directorial Dive

    Gibson unveiled this news during an 'Experience With …' event in London. He reminisced about a poignant conversation with Donner, where the legendary director jokingly remarked, “Listen, Kid, if I kick the bucket, you will do it.” To which, Gibson had playfully retorted, "Shut up." Gibson further revealed, "He did indeed pass away. But he did ask me to do it [...] He said it to his wife and to the studio and the producer. So, I will be directing the fifth one.” A promise made in jest, now coming to fruition.

    A Throwback: The Birth of Lethal Weapon and Mel Gibson's Stardom

    The 'Lethal Weapon' series was a significant milestone for Gibson, catapulting him into Hollywood's big league after his Australian cinematic gems like the 'Mad Max' series. It introduced the genius of Shane Black, who seamlessly blended dark themes with comedic flair, painting the tale of two contrasting detectives battling the underbelly of Los Angeles.

    These movies not only defined the '80s action-packed era but also set a high bar for cinematic brilliance in terms of camaraderie, drama, and suspense. Despite several attempts by Warner Bros. to rejuvenate the franchise with fresh faces and even a TV adaptation, the magic of the originals is unparalleled.

    With Gibson returning to the franchise, not as the maverick cop but as the captain steering the ship, fans worldwide are on tenterhooks, waiting to see if he can indeed keep Donner's legacy alive, adding his own unique touch to this legendary saga.

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