Liam Hemsworth's try for Thor: How it set the stage for Chris Hemsworth's ascent to superstardom

    Looking back on the day Chris Hemsworth secured the role of Thor, a pivotal part played by the auditions of his younger brother Liam Hemsworth surfaces. A saga of sibling rivalry and unexpected victories unfurls in retrospect.

    <p>Chris and Liam Hemsworth (Source: The Indepedent)</p>

    There's nothing like a good Hollywood tale of sibling rivalry. And nothing quite like the one that revolves around Australian brothers, Chris and Liam Hemsworth. When it comes to iconic roles, the story of how "my little brother, Liam", nearly bagged Thor takes the cake. It's a narrative imbued with competition, unexpected turns, and ultimately, triumph.

    "'I Blew My Audition, I Guess'" - A Journey Back to the Thor Auditions

    In a nostalgic return to 2017, Chris Hemsworth detailed his journey towards becoming the God of Thunder, Thor, to W magazine. In a twist that sounds straight from a Hollywood movie, the tables turned when Liam Hemsworth threw his hat in the ring. As reported by, Chris had auditioned for the role under the tutelage of director Kenneth Branagh, only to be left waiting for a callback that never came.

    Enter Liam Hemsworth. The younger Hemsworth sent his audition tape across oceans from Australia, and unexpectedly, he began to advance in the selection process. "He got a call back, then another call back and then was down to the last kind of four or five people for it," Chris recounted.

    "My Manager Then Called up and Said, ‘You Know, [Liam's] Got an Older Brother. Can We Bring Him Back In?'" - The Unexpected Victory

    During the filming of Cabin in the Woods, the conversation veered towards the search for Thor. Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, puzzled, asked why Chris wasn't among the final contenders. Disappointed but determined, Chris then prepared for a second audition. This time, however, he was fuelled by an unexpected motivation - the thought that his younger brother was closer to the role.

    His second audition was markedly different, charged with the determination of sibling rivalry and a desire to reclaim the opportunity. And as they say, the rest is history. With an audition in a Vancouver hotel room, "a little family, sibling rivalry sort of kicked up in me," Chris admitted.

    In this tale of brothers and blockbusters, it was ultimately Chris who wielded Thor's hammer on the big screen, but not without an essential assist from his brother Liam. A chapter of Hollywood history that will always underscore the journey of two brothers, their rivalry, and their individual paths to stardom.

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