"Life doesn't often imitate reality TV": The inside scoop on 'Vanderpump Rules' TomTom Bar

    Five years ago, Bravo's "Vanderpump Rules" fans got their first taste of TomTom, the highly-anticipated bar collaboration between Lisa Vanderpump, Tom Sandoval, and Tom Schwartz.

    "Life doesn't often imitate reality TV": The inside scoop on 'Vanderpump Rules' TomTom Bar

    Reflecting back on five years, the Bravo TV universe went into overdrive when Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz's brainchild with Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd came to life. "TomTom season is officially here," fans cheered, eager to experience firsthand the splendor depicted on "Vanderpump Rules."

    The Reality Behind the Reality TV Hotspot: A Night at TomTom

    As a die-hard "Vanderpump Rules" fan reported on Thisisinsider.com in 2018, TomTom wasn't simply a reality TV set but an operational restaurant and bar that delighted patrons beyond the thrill of a star sighting. With a penchant for authenticity, they stepped into the West Hollywood Vanderpump creation, and as they so fittingly expressed, "Life doesn't often imitate reality TV," but it was "actually kind of fantastic."

    In the heart of the hustle and bustle, they found themselves at a prime bar spot, surrounded by steampunk decor and bearing witness to awestruck passersby. As Halloween approached, the bar's ambiance aligned perfectly with the holiday's synthetic spiderwebs, adding a spooky yet appealing layer to the experience.

    Imbibing and Feasting at TomTom: A Sandoval Original and More

    With a front-row seat, they mingled with the model-like bartenders who were kind, talkative, and had an instinct for guests looking to taste a "Sandoval original." The drinks menu was an exploration in itself, with adventurous concoctions like the "Toulouse Your Mind" that marries Absinthe, pineapple, fresh lemon, ginger liqueur, habanero crystals, and a tiny red rose. As the author enthused, "It's got a delightful, unique flavor without being over-the-top sweet."

    Food was an equally delightful part of the journey. The "Bubbapump Shrimp Tacos," a punny nod to Lisa Vanderpump, brought innovation to the table. The usual corn tortillas were replaced with thin jicama slices, balancing the deep-fried shrimp's greasiness and creating a perfect cocktail snack.

    The best part? Despite being a famous Bravo haunt, the prices were "surprisingly... normal." So whether you were there for the immersive "Vanderpump Rules" experience or simply a decent drink or two, TomTom delivered.

    Five years on, we remember that iconic moment when the bar opened its doors, encouraging fans to "Go for it, Vanderpump obsessives." The doors of TomTom remain open, inviting everyone to soak in the details and order a Sandoval original.

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