'Mental Illness is My Superpower' – Kanye West's revelation in his new album Ye

    A nostalgic journey back to the eve of Kanye West's Ye album release in 2018, an event punctuated by a unique listening party in Wyoming,

    Kanye West

    Kanye West

    "Kanye Shot the Album Cover on his iPhone" – Kim Kardashian Reveals

    It was a night under the stars in the lush wilds of Wyoming when Kanye West unveiled his long-awaited eighth album, Ye. In June 2018, Kanye and his then-wife Kim Kardashian hosted an intimate listening party, inviting members of the media, select DJs, and celebrity friends to this secluded soiree. The invitees, as reported by Daily Mail, included Hollywood's finest - Jonah Hill, Chris Rock, and a host of celebrated musicians. 

    "Mental Illness is My Superpower" – Kanye West's Comeback

    In what marked his comeback following a hiatus due to mental health issues, the rapper, aged 40 at the time, had been cloistered away in Wyoming, crafting his latest masterpiece. The album, a reflection of his personal struggles, contained striking revelations.

     Kanye not only addressed his mental health but boldly proclaimed that his mental illness was his "superpower". His lyrics echoed the sentiment: "'Every other artist makes a mental illness sound like the SADDEST s*** ever in their music. Kanye said his mental illness is his “Super power”. WE NEED THIS TYPE OF ENERGY.'"

    * Kanye hosts a listening party in Wyoming

    * The star-studded event had campfires, s'mores, and an intimate setup

    * Kanye's album Ye highlighted his mental health struggles

    "Had to Calm Her Down 'Cause She Couldn't Breathe" – Kanye West on Marriage with Kim Kardashian

    Beyond his mental health, Kanye's lyrics also shed light on his marriage to Kim Kardashian. In his songs, he hinted at marital troubles and how they weathered the storm. The line "'Kanye on Kim: had to calm her down 'cause she couldn't breathe/ Told her she could leave me now but she wouldn't leave.'" provided a rare glimpse into their high-profile relationship.

    Kanye West

    As the night fell, Kanye's listening party continued, leaving attendees in awe of his musical prowess. The album dropped at midnight on June 1, marking a milestone in Kanye's career – a testament to his resilience and a sneak peek into his life with his then wife, Kim Kardashian. His bold declaration of mental health as his superpower set a powerful precedent, and his frankness about his marriage provided a refreshing authenticity in the world of showbiz.

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