Munjya teaser unleashes ‘Gollum-like creature’, horror-comedy film says ‘Munnis beware' | Watch the eerie teaser here

    Helmed by Adilya Sarpoldar, Munjya will hit the theatres on June 7. Watch the teaser that showcased the eerie creature



    If you are a fan of horror and comedy genres, then you are in for a treat as producer Dinesh Vijan presents a horror-comedy film titled Munjya that unravels the story of an eerie creature called Munjya.  Helmed by Adilya Sarpoldar, Munjya will hit the theatres on June 7.

    Munjya teaser unveiled

    Taking to Instagram, the makers of the film unveiled the teaser of Munjya which began by showcasing a dark scenic location, near a beach. The thrilling music in the background adds to the already-established drama in the teaser. The teaser shows that near the beach, there is a dense forest and there is a specific tree where Munjya lives.

    After the roots of the trees start to snap, the creature comes out. The bald head, big circular eyes and big ears create a scary impression. After coming out of the tree, this creature goes out into the city and comes across a house where on the television, the song ‘Munni Badnaam’ is playing.

    After the viewer turns off the television, this creature gets furious and attacks the viewer aggressively. After the teaser ends, the words, ‘Munnis beware. He is coming...’ is displayed on the screen. Later, this creature is introduced as Munjya.

    The caption of the teaser says, “Munnis beware! Aa raha hai #Munjya! Makers of Stree bring to you the perfect blend of comedy and horror to beat the summer heat for Gen Z, kids, and the whole family! Trailer out in 3 days, watch out! #Munjya TEASER OUT NOW.”

    Netizens react to Munjya

    The audience quickly noticed this teaser and expressed their excitement for the upcoming film. One user wrote, “Maddock Horror Comedy Universe is getting stronger!,” while another wrote, “CANNOT WAIT.”

    Fans also compared Munjya to ‘Gollum’ from Lord of the Rings and ‘Hastar’ from Tumbbad. One user wrote, “The evil character has an uncanny resemblance with ‘Hastar’,” while another wrote, “What’s gollum doing here? Lol.”

    For the unversed, Gollum is a wretched creature from the much popular The Lord of the Rings films.

    A Maddock Films Production, Munjya is directed by Adilya Sarpoldar and produced by Dinesh Vijan and Amar Kaushik. While the trailer of the film will be released on May 25, Munjya will hit the theatres on June 7.