Rahat Fateh Ali Khan shares clarification after video of him thrashing a man goes viral, calls it a 'personal issue'

    Rahat Fateh Ali Khan issues a clarification after video of him thrashing his student brutally goes viral. 

    Rahat Fateh Ali Khan shares clarification after video of him thrashing a man goes viral, calls it a 'personal issue'

    Singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is considered one of the most adored singers in the film and music fraternity. However, he found himself in the middle of some heated controversy recently. Since yesterday night, a video of him thrashing a man brutally has been going viral. The singer can be seen beating the man with a shoe and slapping him hard across the face several times. Now, after facing several brickbats due to the same, he has issued a clarification on his social media handle.

    Talking about the same, the ‘O Re Piya’ singer can be seen standing beside the man whom he was seen thrashing and who is revealed to be his disciple. The student’s father can also be seen standing along with them. In Hindi, Rahat says, “The videos you are seeing are a personal issue between an ustad and shagird.” He goes on to say, “He is like my son. This is how the relationship is between a teacher and his disciple. If a disciple does something good, I shower my love on him. If he does something wrong, he is punished.” It is soon revealed through the clarification video that the singer was angry with his student because he had misplaced a holy bottle that had some revered scriptures.

    Furthermore, even the ‘Bol Na Halke Halke’ singer’s disciple can be seen defending him. He adds, “He's like my father. He loves us a lot. Whoever spread this video is trying to defame my ustad.” The student’s father also says that the relationship between a teacher and student is just like this in the Qawwali sphere. Fateh Ali Khan’s driver furthermore adds that he has never been mistreated by his employer.

    However, the netizens were not convinced by the statement. Some stressed that this video could not justify the violence that the singer has meted out to his student. While some users also alleged that Rahat might have paid the father-son duo to defend him in the video.