Rasavathi Twitter review: Here's what netizens have to say about Arjun’s 'slow burner' mystery thriller

    The X (formerly Twitter) reviews for Arjun Das' Rasavathi are here. Read on to find out what audiences have to say about the new romantic mystery thriller



    Arjun Das’ romantic mystery thriller Rasavathi was released in theatres today. And now, X (formerly Twitter) is flooded with reviews. Although director Santhakumar's movie isn't receiving as much traction as the Kavin-starrer Star, it is surprisingly receiving positive reviews from FDFS viewers. Audiences have praised Santhakumar for making another elegant film and called the new romantic mystery thriller the best film of Arjun Das' career.

    Rasavathi Twitter reviews

    Many X users have praised Rasavathi's intriguing story and noted its impressive twists. "A slow-burning, solid psychological thriller. Santhakumar’s #Rasavathi is in cinemas now," one user wrote.

    Many users also applauded Arjun Das for playing a new character, something that he hasn't played before. Calling it his career-best performance, many users commended the actor for his stellar performance. "What a great watch, #Rasavathi is @iam_arjundas' show. Best performance to date. I hope he gets more opportunities as a hero. I would love to pay to watch him in theaters," another user wrote.


    Although Rasavathi has generally received positive reviews, some users pointed out a few misses in the mystery thriller. Some felt that although the film has impressive performances, it lags in certain areas. Nonetheless, the movie has received a thumbs-up from the audience overall.

    Malayalam actor Sujith Shankar's performance has received positive reviews, and it seems like the actor has successfully made his Tamil film debut.

    Despite not generating significant buzz on X, Rasavathi is a strong competitor to Kavin’s newly released film, Star, at the box office. 

    Arjun Das pens a heartfelt note about his new film

    Earlier today, Arjun Das took to his social media handles to share a heartfelt note thanking director Santhakumar for the opportunity to work in Rasavathi. “I remember watching Mouna Guru and Magamuni in the theatre and telling myself I hope I get to work with this director someday. The journey of Rasavathi has been a surreal experience, with so much learning from the human and director Santhakumar Sir. Sir, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't wait to start our next film. Thank you for Rasavathi & Sadha Siva Pandian. I will cherish this forever," the actor wrote.

    Rasavathi revolves around a former doctor, Siddha, and his wife, whose peace is threatened when a police inspector seeks revenge on Siddha. The movie stars Arjun Das as Siddha, Tanya Ravichandran, and Ramya Subramanian in key roles. Sujith Shankar plays the antagonist in the film.