'Ready to Accept My Destiny': Lil Nas X's quirky reaction to Elon Musk's Twitter rebranding

    Lil Nas X humorously reacts to Twitter's rebranding by Elon Musk, embracing the changes while sporting an eye-catching athleisure outfit in New York.

    Lil Nas X (Source: GQ)

    Lil Nas X (Source: GQ)

    "Old Town Road" rapper Lil Nas X surely knows how to capture attention, and this time, it's not just with his catchy tunes. The 24-year-old Grammy winner made headlines after his jesting response to Twitter's rebranding spearheaded by tech mogul Elon Musk, all while strutting his vibrant athleisure ensemble in New York.

    Lil Nas X Embraces New York in Eccentric Athleisure

    Sporting a distinct oversized hoodie splashed with the shades of pink and white, paired perfectly with matching shorts and tactical black boots, Lil Nas X was spotted arriving at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. His fashion choice was striking yet comfortable, perfect for his travel day, as reported by People.

    Humorous Onslaught on Twitter Overhaul by Elon Musk

    Elon Musk, who stepped down as Tesla CEO in May, has been focused on changing Twitter's brand identity, even proposing a shift in the platform’s logo to an “X.” His series of tweets also hinted at his fondness for the letter "X," sharing a quirky image of himself forming an “X” with his arms.

    Unfazed by Musk's social media revamp, Lil Nas X took to Twitter for his comedic retaliation. Firing a humorous salvo, he tweeted, "since i haven’t released music in 5 years and twitter pays you now. i am ready to accept my destiny as twitter supreme again.

    Lil Nas X (Source: National Today)

    The pop icon continued, expressing overwhelming amusement, "i appreciate elon renaming the app after me but this is honestly overwhelming." The playful banter didn’t end there, with Lil Nas X hinting at a previous tweet about Twitter's subscription service, "on my soul i didn’t pay for twitter blue, u will feel my wrath tesla man!"

    This tongue-in-cheek exchange between Lil Nas X and Elon Musk confirms once again that the rapper is not only a music sensation but also a social media charmer, capable of lightening the atmosphere even amidst Twitter’s identity crisis. And lest we forget, pulling off a striking athleisure look in New York like a true style icon.

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