Flashback: The untold story behind Harley Quinn’s quirky beaver, Bernie.

    Reliving the quirky moments of 'Birds of Prey', we delve deep into the history of Harley Quinn's taxidermied beaver, Bernie, a fan favorite rooted in comic nostalgia.

    <p>Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn (Source: NPR)</p>

    We've journeyed with Harley Quinn, right from her whimsical appearances in Suicide Squad to the more recent spinoff, Birds of Prey. But while everyone's fixated on her two-tone hair, erratic demeanor, and her well-documented romance with Joker, let's turn the clock back and revisit an often overlooked part of Harley's world: Bernie, the taxidermied beaver.

    The Curious Case of Bernie in 'Birds of Prey'

    Most of us remember that scene: Harley in conversation with what seemed like, well, a stuffed beaver. The bond between Cassandra Cain and this inanimate rodent also had fans curious, especially when it survived the explosive decimation of Harley's home. This left us wondering, was Bernie just a comical filler or did he have a deeper backstory?

    Comic Roots Unearthed

    Bernie wasn’t a spontaneous addition to Harley's universe. In fact, he’s a legitimate character pulled from Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti’s 2014 Harley Quinn comic series. "He talked back," the comics once highlighted, emphasizing his unique role in Harley's life. Bernie's history even links back to Harley’s first love interest, a boy named Bernie Bash. The human Bernie had saved Harley from a bully in what she termed as “the most romantic gesture I ever saw.” This act had him shipped off to juvenile detention indefinitely. To immortalize this memory, Harley craftily pilfered a taxidermied beaver from Bernie Bash’s family, and in a gesture of nostalgia and wit, named him Bernie.

    Today, while you sit reminiscing about the film or the comics, remember Bernie isn't just an afterthought. He's a symbol, a connection to Harley’s past, and an epitome of her eccentric nature. So, the next time someone mentions Birds of Prey or Harley Quinn, don’t forget to share this nugget of trivia. As the article rightly stated, "I suggest you do — it’s what she would want."

    As reported by Polygon in 2020, Bernie was the breakout character find of Birds of Prey. And now, you're armed with the inside scoop, making you the go-to person for everything related to Harley Quinn's intriguing world.

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